Some Ways to Use Concealer Makeup

Get to know some ways to use concealer makeup

The concealer is a product that makes the biggest difference in a makeup, especially for the moments that we need something more elaborate. It can present itself in several ways, is creamy, stick or liquid. Here are some ways to use this wonder of makes to enhance your face:

·         Illuminating the face

The more traditional use of concealer is to decrease dark circles that tend to form under the eyes when we’re tired, slept badly or you’re sick. Well, you can use it as well, but in a much more emphasized, in a way that will transform your face. After you apply the concealer to cover dark circles, take a liquid concealer with good coverage and make a triangle below the eyes, going to the cheek. Blow it with a brush and note the lighting that won in the face.

·         Tapering nose

Another way also used is to face central lighting, which makes a big difference, especially if you’re taking pictures. Apply the concealer doing a vertical line in the center of the nose, pulling up a piece of the middle of the forehead. Blow lightly with a brush. Your nose is thin and light.

·         Highlighting the lips

And the final way to use the concealer is erasing the mouth before applying any lipstick more vibrant or dark, like reds, oranges and wines. Pass the product on the lips, matching with your skin tone. Apply lipstick and then come up with the dregs of the concealer brush and clean around the lips, giving a professional finish to makeup following