Some Vintage Shops in the USA

Many readers have asked me this post about the trip I took in February with Isabella Blanco for panning vintage items in the U.S..

Florida was the place chosen and surprised me with their babies. The State has many elderly retirees who take their holdings and put up for sale to our delight! We stayed in Del Ray, close to Boca Raton and from there travelled by car through neighboring towns and antiques famous for there. And, look, there’s many!

I was lucky to get the West Palm Beach Antique Fair and was one of the places that earned more purchases. It happens every first weekend of the month, but the number of exhibitors is smaller. This is an annual and many dealers in the country go to there show their treasures. This time until Iris Arpfel gave the air of grace. Show, huh?

The coolest is the amount and curatorship of the items, rare things to find in Brazil. Safe national renowned thrift stores, it’s hard to find a variety of parts in good condition and really vintage. There is more difficult to buy “a pig in a poke”, you know? But, of course, have to be smart and know a little bit not to buy plastic thinking it’s something else. Isabella, my teacher led me and got some very interesting things.

What I arrematei? Bakelite bags, beads and some cigar boxes adapted to become charming handbags. I also bought two with applications of metal and ivory type resin that are classics with a twist. Didn’t buy any item “brand”. In fact I think only my Chanel of the 70 years that came back with me from London. Other than that, I brands antiguinhos in super items. Had an exhibitor, Penny, who had the most amazing scholarships – my 20 years of velvet.

Also deliciei me in I just buttons turning into unique jewelry, and some clothes printed, of course.

The good thing is the journey in history, able to use only items with history and that will pass from generation to generation. People don’t like the fact that the play “Download”, but always do spiritual cleansing on them and I’ve never felt weird. Lol!

A tip for those who want to start venturing overseas visits is to visit the fairs that usually happen on the weekends. I already got a lot of cool things in Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Paris, NY, Florence … The famous Flea Market surprises beyond special.

Well, note my favorites:

The Consignment Gallery
3401 Deer Creek Country Club Blvd. Suite1-Deerfield Beach Phone: (954) 421-2395
4301 West Hillsboro Blvd. Coconut Creek-Phone (954) 481-0904

Paradise Furniture & Accessories
7720 n. Federal Hwy. Boca Raton -Phone (561) 862-0862

The Sugar Chest Antique Mall
960 North Federal Hwy-Pompano Beach-Phone: (954) 942-8601

Peggy Franks | Tel: (352) 303-0990

Lulu’s Vintage (Laurie Davis)
3332 NE 33rd St.-ft. Lauderdake | | Phone: (954) 6168633

Hillsboro Antique Mall
2900 w. Sample Rd.-Pompano Beach

Thinking of doing a guided tour there. Who accompanies me? Did you ever think that a maximum of one group of garimpeiras doing the party? Animate?

Press the play and check out the compiled from stories that made during the trip: