Some Tips for Breastfeeding

Being a mother is wonderful, but breastfeeding is even more so. So that this period is much more interesting and unforgettable, split up some tips:

Let the nipples breathe

When at home, avoid wearing tight bras. Let the nipples break down, make the correct hygiene and sunbathe. This helps keep your breasts healthy for breastfeeding.

Don’t let the child very hungry

Don’t take too long to breast-feed the baby. He can be nervous and grab the chest with great force, which can hurt. Whenever the baby show, feed him quickly.


Breastfeeding can be run and sometimes stressful, but you must give value to this moment. Whenever, relax and enjoy the moment. Being a mother is amazing.

Breastfeed in public

Despite the controversy, don’t be afraid to breast-feed in public. If your baby is hungry, what’s the harm in feeding when you are in an open location? Never leave to breastfeed for fear of others.

Breastfeeding clothes

It’s very important to have sweaters that are focused in breastfeeding, so that you don’t have to move so much in public. To sleep you also need to be comfortable. The Babydoll of breastfeeding is so you can combine comfort, practicality and beauty breastfeeding with baby breastfeeding dool. You, in addition to beautiful, feel comfortable and prepared for this period of discovery, feelings and emotions.

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