Some Clothes Can Cost More than You Paid to Shop

Today I’m going to play in a wound. Maybe it hurts thinking about it, but I attached. How much you spend on clothes you don’t wear? Did you ever do that contained?

This is a fundamental calculation for making, for several reasons. First because most people think to dress well, need a bank account without limits. Find it and don’t realize who spend fortunes with’ cheap’ clothes that do not use and that only makes more dissatisfied.

Yes, this is another important point. Because, at the time of desentulhar, rolls always that fear of”ai, but I spent all this money and I’m going to go without using?”. I know, but trust me: it’s better to let go and let it be like learning to the next. I say this because these pieces will continue without use(if are used, you’ll leave insecure and unhappy home, which gives the same) and can cost you a lot more expensive than the money you have left in the store.

Cost more expensive because, in addition to the time and energy you lose to choose clothes in the morning, they clog the your closet and you don’t see what’s there. Especially when the people are virtually programmed to find the downside before the good, right? That is why that $50 blouse, you bought a fantastic offer, without taste, can give you a $ R$130,00-$50.00 it and $80.00 from the one, which is wonderful in you, but never has the chance to deliver that joy simply because it is not seen.

I know it beats that panic. Most of the time when I leave a cabinet Edition, the clients confess to feeling of not having anything else to wear. Some even challenge me with the famous”I want to see you ride combinations with that little bit left over now!”(here comes the look book and they discover that they don’t need to buy clothes so soon…).

These days, the Mari Nassif, a customer dear that’s still in the middle of the consultancy, told me that”the whole process not only awakened interest in thinking about clothes as a form of expression, and positioning(” the last time I have to get dressed, okay”), butespecially the editing left only valid options, tumultuous and not that I know you will fall right , which encourages the Act of dressing–unlike the discouragement that gives into something that I thought was good and it went bad, Jeez, making me go back to options more “safe” square, without the slightest emotion.”.Mari, in fact, was the one who challenged me when we finished this step-and we haven’t even done the lookbook.

After the shock, that you still care does save on next purchases, as if surprised Anna Carla, to do this after our Express online consulting. Even having done editing and shopping alone, following the guidelines that I had given, and look what she counts:

“Almost always in a department store, was crazy, wanting everything and picked something, half running, in the middle of an afternoon of shopping for the kids. And of course, almost 100% of the time was going home frustrated.
This time was completely different. Maybe because it decreases the amount of pieces in my closet, I had kind of stored in my head or maybe because I changed my relationship with mirror, I’m not sure.(…)
What was once an experiment a bit frustrating, since I always left the store with a feeling that had not bought everything I wanted, turned into a very rewarding experience! When we have the wardrobe we can see that not everything that is there in the store is accurate, at least not at this point.
Was liberating in and out of the store with just what I thought appropriate and necessary, I felt my self-esteem up there! “.

In summary:

  • dress well depends on less than having money and more than knowing how to use it
  • an outfit bought at random can cost you more than what you paid to shop
  • an outfit bought right ends up being economical and profitable even (think also in time and energy you lose getting ready and put into practice all those projects that will give a twist in your life?)

Let’s take advantage of the weekend to poke, but over time this wound?

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