Some Accessories that Show How Much You Care With Style

Many times they don’t appear right, but when they make that difference. Male accessories are not there only by Convention, many of them are the complement of style your look need to become something truly remarkable. See below what are the items that show maturity and eleg6ancia time to get dressed and what care should be taken not to make a mistake in time to buy them and use them:


There’s nothing sadder than watching a guy fairly well dress taking a whole Wallet Pocket and detonated, worst, full of junk! Has a beautiful leather wallet, classical and discrete, and just put in the essential!

Avoid: drawings, big, bold colors and logos templates that do not fit in your pockets (except if it’s loading it in a purse or backpack). The equipped with chain are not very recommended.


A bad tie can ruin your visual, even wearing good clothes, so choose carefully. Unfortunately the more guys are always the best and most beautiful, so could the 30 model reais (polyester) and the 200 (silk), the second is the correct one, but with patience you can also find something beautiful without spending much. Micro prints, liberty, paisley, transverse stripes, poás and chess always work very well, but also worth having smooth in neutral color, such as black, gray or Navy and bold colors like red, purple and wine. Silk jacquard is the best, but if the amount does not allow go even polyester, just be careful with the finish of the product, make sure that the seam is correct and well made.Models of crochet, knit and even sweatpants give modern touch production, but are casual-remember this!

Avoid: very large prints, self-righteous ties cute (were fashion in 90 years) and citrus colors.


One more item that shows a lot about style, but that many men simply are and when you choose a template, almost always do without a lot of property, choosing something just to plug hole at a wedding or other formal occasion. Currently the clock is considered the male jewel, an accessory that talks all about your taste, your choice is soon something of utmost importance. For casual moments it is better to have a more sporty model to be classy, but for use with suit/costume classic and minimalist leather strap are perfect and should be combined with the shoes and belts.

Avoid: oversized watches to your wrist and filled with buttons and digital viewfinders marking knows what God.


That bag of nylon made to load there’s nothing sophisticated notebook, and, I regret to inform you, she’s actually very bad! Currently the most structured, clean, leather, works best with a casual clothes tidier or with a formal attire and we talked of them here. Handbags follow the same path: made of leather and metal accents are sexy alternative to nylon model who needs something more professional, have the canvas with leather details tend to the casual and complement the look of weekend or to College.

Avoid: drawings and large logos, exaggerated volume, pockets and zippers too much. Do not enter the paranoia of “backpack for notebook”, nowadays any purse has structure to keep properly your precious gadget.


This is hard to miss, but there are people striving to achieve this goal. If your look is formal or has to discuss, your belt has to be social with matching leather shoe, if it’s casual can relax and do a mix looser, since the piece matching the rest, choosing between the options of leather, canvas, cord and nylon.

Avoid: drawings and logos, huge buckles or drawings/raised, spikes and eyelets.


There are thousands of models, but not all are for any occasion and what else you see around are men wearing sports goggles when they should be using something more classic and discreet. It is important to have a sport version to do outdoor exercises, for example, but it can be when you wear something sporty, in this case more sophisticated models come into play, especially in black, Brown or tortoise and the lightweight metal frame.

Of course there are many other men’s accessories such as scarves, hats, scarves, tie clips, cuff links, bracelets and rings, but those listed above are the most common and most suffer from a lack of commitment on the part of men. It is very possible that the reason for this is that even, for being