Snapchat: The Most Important Tips for the Photo Messenger

Send pictures and more recently use also a video chat: the Messenger service Snapchat offers you many ways to contact your friends in contact. The special feature of Snapchat is the ability to activate the self-destruct function for photos and videos.

Also text messages are deleted when a conversation is completed. What distinguishes Snapchat addition: you can edit images and label. We introduce you to the most important functions of Snapchat and explain how you use it.

Add Image Effects

Unfortunately, Snapchat offers so far unable to send photos from different folders as the application itself. Made with the app can edit images but you in Snapchat with filters, to enhance it visually. For this, you need to select the menu item “Manage” under “Settings”. There for example, you can enable the so-called “Visual filter” – with these filters can you improve, for example, the contrast and the colors appear richer. With the so-called “smart filter” adds information as watermark to the image, for example, the place and the time of recording.

Caption and Doodles

In Snapchat there is though no comment function – for that you can label images and videos on demand. If you type after the scanning of the motif on the display, you can add a text. To make a freehand drawing, you must tap the brush icon – then your doodles in different colors can make and thus enhance the image.

Set the Timer for the Self Destruction

With Snapchat you can freely determine how long the recipient receives a picture or a video. To activate the self-destruct timer, you must tap the clock icon on the screen. Now, a drop-down menu, where you can select the display time will appear. This allowed between one and ten seconds. But consider: the images can be stored by the receiver with a screenshot. Therefore you should hold back you with sensitive photos, which could be embarrassing later.

The News in the Video Mode Change

After the recent update Snapchat allows even video-chats – prerequisite for this is that both parties are online. Then you can swipe to right call the text mode with one and exchange messages. To switch from the Messenger in the video mode, you must touch only the blue button with the white circle, which is located in the lower-right corner of the screen. Then you can both see your conversation partner, as you yourself in an extra window.

Change Your Own Account

If you created an account at Snapchat, you can change your personal settings and data when needed. This selects the point “Settings” in the”Overview”, that reached over the gear on the top of the screen. There you can change for example the number of smartphones or the email address associated with your account. The only thing can be changed subsequently no longer is your user name. Thought about you so when you created the account well under what name your friends see you at Snapchat.


  • To provide canned images with effects, you must select the point “Manage” under “Settings”. Here, for example, are you “smart filter” and the “Visual filter” available
  • By tapping on the screen, you can add text to a photo
  • The brush icon, you reach the mode in which you can make hands-free drawings
  • To set the timer for the self destruction of your messages, you must tap on the clock icon and select the amount of time
  • If you want to switch from the news in the video mode, tapping on the blue button is enough with the white circle
  • Your account settings – can be changed except the user name -. Going to do this in the “Overview”menu and select “Preferences”