Smartwatch – the Smart Clock

The smartwatch watch or smart watch marked the emergence of yet another technological trend. The smart digital clock is capable of doing amazing things like taking pictures, receiving notifications and making calls. But these are not the only possibilities of the smartwatch watch.

If you still do not know all the features of a smart watch, you might wonder what exactly characterizes a smartwatch digital watch. It’s important to understand that doing more than just ticking the time is not enough to rate an accessory like smartwatch watch. If that were the case, a clock capable of timing, informing the day, and still functioning as an alarm clock could already be considered a smart watch.

However, a smart clock also performs an internal processing type to provide some extra functions. They usually include some of the following features: camera, accelerometer, altimeter, thermometer, barometer, compass, calculator, GPS navigation, map viewer, calendar, music and video player and internet access. The touch screen display is also a strong feature of the smartwatch watch.

Here’s some of the most famous smart watch models , alternatives to Apple Watch, and some of its features. Check it!

  1. Fossil Smartwatch Q marshal gene 2

The smartwatch watch from the American manufacturer has a system that communicates with both Android and IOS. This smart watch draws attention to the design and its functions, such as: Mobile notifications, 4GB internal memory, water resistant, calorie counter burned and steps and many more. This particular line you can find in our online store –!

  1. LG Watch Urbane

Like Huawei’s smartwatch watch, LG’s smartwatch, seen from a distance, looks like a traditional luxury watch. It has its own 4G connection, which allows you to make calls and send emails without the need to be connected to a cell phone. They are two models of smart watches, one with Android Wear system and the other with WebOS, developed by Palm.

  1. Guess Connect

It is the well-known Rigor model of the American brand, but adapted to an intelligent version. To launch this smartwatch watch, Guess teamed up with a Californian company called Martian. It is more limited than other smart watches because it has no touch screen display. The Guess smartwatch watch connects via Bluetooth to smartphones and creates vibration patterns for notifications. Depending on how it vibrates, it is possible to know which application is notifying you of some update. It also has a microphone and a small speaker, which allows you to listen and send voice messages.

  1. Withings Activité

It is the finest of the smart watches. Before, this smartwatch clock only worked with its own system, which sent information to an application. Now the smart clock system is fully integrated with the Android system. Whithings stores data on daily user steps, physical exercise and even sleeping hours, and also sends information to Fit, a Google health application. In addition to the hour display, there is an auxiliary display on that smartwatch watch that informs the percentage of exercises that the user has already done to meet his daily goal.

  1. Samsung Gear S

Just like LG’s smartwatch watch, Samsung has watches with the Android Wear system and a model with its own software called Tizen. The Gear S has a standalone chip that allows you to make calls, send messages and even email without it being connected to a smartphone. This smart watch has a square screen with curved glass, which is very innovative.

  1. Michael Kors ACCESS

One of the most disputed smartwatches. As well as being ultra-functional with all the main functions of other smartwatches, it is very beautiful and sophisticated, perfectly matching the DNA of the Michael Kors brand with the daily needs of the modern woman. You can also order your Michael Kors Access here at Sigma Watches, just contact us by phone or by the contact form on our website!

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