Smartwatch DZ09 Feature

Welcome friends once again to a new unboxing and review. As the smartwatches are now so fashionable , today I come to tell you about one of them, the DZ09 smartwatch.

This smart watch comes from China and today we will see the characteristics that it offers us and also if it has something to improve.

Thanks to Gearbest who is the one who has given us this wearable to trastearlo. At first glance it has a look that reminds us to a great extent of one of the flagships in this world of smartwatch Samsung brand, which will encourage us to know more closely.

Let’s start…

Smartwatch DZ09 Feature 1

Unboxing The Smartwatch DZ09

We will start by talking about the Chinese smartwatch DZ09 box, which is robust and cardboard , something that we were imagining since almost all Chinese smartwatches of this style come in boxes, but very similar.

At the top we can see that it brings a drawing of the clock, giving us a clue how the device will be. In addition it glues several adhesives indicating us among other things the color of our smartwatch. As for the back of the box say it has nothing printed or stickers.

When we opened the box, we uncovered the DZ09, which is fitted in a high density black foam. Below this we will find the rest of the watch accessories.

The contents of the box are:

Smartwatch DZ09.

USB charger.

European network adapter.

User’s Guide.

380 mAh battery.

Screen saver.

Physical Description Of The Smartwatch DZ09

The front of the DZ09 smartwatch is occupied by its 1.56 inch IPS OGS HD LCD screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. As you can see in the following image the Chinese clock DZ09 is lit with the word smartwatch.

Video on/off of smartwatch DZ09.

In the back of the smartwatch DZ09 there is no type of review or logo as it usually is in the case of other devices of this style, although what we do see is its speaker. When removing the back cover we expose the battery.

The battery with this cheap Chinese smartwatch is lithium 380 mAh and we can also see your CE quality seal .Here is a photo for you to see in detail.

When we remove the battery of the smartwatch DZ09 we see its slot for micro SD card and its port for micro SIM.

At the top has its microphone and 0.3 megapixel camera with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. At the bottom we see the only physical button of our weareable.

If you look at its sides, on the left side of the device you will find the micro USB charging port in which you can see a rubber cover, which will prevent the entry of dust or other impurity. In his right area there is nothing to comment.

The DZ09 strap is made of rubber making it comfortable and adaptable to any style of wrist. The buckle is metallic and wide. It is not interchangeable, which will greatly limit the life of the watch because when the strap is damaged there will be nothing to do.

Smartwatch DZ09 Feature 2

Specifications Of The DZ09 Smartwatch.

Model: DZ09.

Processor: CPU MTK6260A 533 MHz.

Memory: Card 128 Mb 64Mb expandable up to 32 Gb.

Display: 1.56 inch LCD TFT HD OGS.

Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels.

Bluetooth: version 3.0.

Ports: Micro USB.

Battery: 380 mAh Li-Ion.

SIM: Micro SIM.

Camera: 0.3 Megapixels

Camera resolution: 320 x 240 pixels.

Standby time: 180 hours approx.

Talk time: 3 hours approx.

Bluetooth talk time: 3.5 hours approx.

Bluetooth standby time: 120 hours approx.

Networks: GSM850 / 900/1800 / 1900MHz.

Audio format: AMR, AAC, MP3, MIDI.

Video format: MP4, 3GP, AVI.

Photo format: JPG, GIF.

Dimensions: 43.5mm x 40mm x 9.8mm.

Weight: 51 grams.

Languages: English, Italian, German, Danish, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese and Russian.

Colors: Black, white and bronze.

Watchfaces, Themes And Menus Of The DZ09 Smartwatch

This cheap Chinese smartwatch has three different watchfaces, although of course, all have a circular shape and all are analog style.


The themes of the DZ09 smartwatch are five and all are brightly colored, although we could say that the first subject of the image that you will see below is the most sober of all even having some color.


This smart watch has seven different menus. Next I leave you a list where I detail the functions that are in each screen.

First screen: Messages, call records, bluetooth and BT Dialer.

Second screen: Notifications, remote camera, anti-lost and settings.

Third screen: Pedometer, sleep monitor, sedentary notice and QR code.

Fourth screen: Search, alarm, calendar and calculator.

Fifth screen: User profiles, file manager, music player and themes.

Sixth screen: FM radio, camera, video recording and image viewer.

Seventh and last screen: Video player, sound recorder, browser and toolkit.

Menu transition.

The following image shows you how the transitions between menus, being able to choose between several options. From one to the other in a linear way until you see the spherical menus pass.

Then I leave a video for you to better understand this rubber strap watch at

Smartwatch DZ09 Feature 3

Functions of the smartwatch DZ09

Remote Camera:

We can control the camera of our smartphone from our smartwatch DZ09, as a trigger and see on your screen the capture that we are going to perform.

Remote Music:

We will be able to reproduce with bluetooth the music that we have in our smartphone.


Through an alarm and the data that we introduce ourselves in the smartwatch DZ09, will warn us that we must move.

Sleep Monitor:

It serves to keep track of the hours we sleep.

Sound recorder:

With it we can record any type of sound, from a conversation to music.


To take control of steps performed and distance traveled.

Push Notifications:

Any notifications that arrive on our smartphone will be automatically sent to the smartwatch DZ09.


The smartphone that we have linked to the DZ09, will also warn us with sound warnings that we are moving away from him, making it very difficult to forget or lose our smartwatch DZ09.

Mobile Search:

With this option we will make the mobile that we have linked us to indicate where it is by means of audible warnings.

Other functions of the DZ09.

Free hands. Call log. Message recording. Notifications. Diary. Calculator. Alarm. Bluetooth headphones. Calendar.Compass.

Comparison of DZ09 and GV18.

If you look at its exterior, aesthetically speaking we see that they are practically twins, except because the Chinese smartwatch DZ09 has a physical button below its screen.

As for internal specifications we will see that both have a screen of 1.56 inches and are HD, in addition to having the same resolution: 240 x 240 pixels. As important difference to say that the Smartwatch GV18 counts on greater battery since it is of 450 mAh against 380 mAh of the DZ09. In addition the speaker of the GV18 is located in the front of the device replacing the physical button that incorporates the smartwatch DZ09, that owns its speaker in the back part.

If we talk about their brain, both have a processor Mediatek MTK6260A at 533 MHz. In addition also have the same version of bluetooth, 3.0 and both have micro USB port and micro SD card slot, which will allow us to expand their internal storage until 32 Gb on both devices.

The dimensions of the GV18 are 58.5mm x 39.5mm x 12.3mm and weigh 65 grams, somewhat larger and heavier than the DZ09 smartwatch with measures of 43.5mm x 40mm x 9.8mm and weighing 51 grams.

Saving some details like the battery or its dimensions, these two weareables are quite similar.