Smart Phones Test Update: New Mobile Chip Test Procedure

Cleaned up, cleaned up, adjusted! CHIP has overhauled its mobile test procedures. The new leaderboard starts with 45 after tested smart phone and provides a new top trio, which we already tell in the video. Learn must be what new challenges of the test candidates.

Top models such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 (edge), the LG G5 or the Apple iPhone 6S plus have again demonstrated to, as mid-range Smart phones such as the Huawei Ascend G8 and easier alternatives such as the Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen.). We have adapted our mobile test scheme to the Smart phones today’s requirements. The needs of users are still clearly foreground.

Unchanged: Fair, Objective, Thorough, Dynamic

Of course, that remains fairly, objectively and thoroughly CHIP mobile test procedures. With the revision, we make sure that you find still realistic, independent, up-to-date test results for all major mobile phones with us. The dynamics of the CHIP Test procedure remains unchanged: in any newly tested Smart phone calculates again our database the results for all other models. A candidate sets new highs of one of the classification categories normalized to 100 points (see below), all other smart phones on him have to compete and receive according to fewer points.

New: Five Instead Of Six Test Categories

The new mobile testing is tougher, more effective and modern first and foremost. It is also based on our unique test database. In it we save every detail covered by us for testing. The updated course in five instead of six large is divided. These are “Battery”, “Display”, “Camera” and “performance & operation”. The category “Phone & sound” is partially in other areas. To meet the user’s everyday life, we focus in the future on online use.

For the overall emphasis therefore significantly more on the Battery life when surfing the Internet. For comparability, every mobile phone in the display landscape calls a Web site about the LTE network standard for the test. The Web site reflects the present user behavior. So, it simulated text inputs in chats and plays including a video. Also, the brightness of the display on 200 cd / m ² is set. How long it takes the empty battery to be fully charged, also goes into the Battery rating.

The display is still one of the purchase crucial components of mobile phones. Way up in the revised test procedure of screen size, in a separate category pixel density and measuring results. We measure the brightness of ambient light, contrast and mirroring. We also as usual devote a separate rating category the Phone’s camera. With the help of our professional Messcharts and evaluation software, we can evaluate effective and comparable to the cell phone photos. We measure among other things the sharpness and noise. In addition a subjective rating of the dummy head motif. We shoot the photos each day light, low light and darkness with Flash. Attention is also the shutter of the camera such as also the camcorder and the front-facing camera.

We have raised the performance and operating in the weight again. Running the system? Is good the surfing speed? How quickly open applications? Now including a new performance test clarifies this. So we measure from immediately the charge times of standardized online sites via Wi-Fi. To do this we check whether is good to use the Smart phone can be if everything is right in the processing and the cell phone speaker is good. The evaluation of the operating system is also extensive. We lose the facilities facts but by no means all measurements sight. Web standards, interfaces, storage, delivery, and more-we just ask that. The Smart phone the new LTE Cat9 and Cat12 already supports for even snappier Web surfing? We ask also that now. Also: There’s a painful withdrawal for a test device, if it is not all commonly used in Germany (800/1,800/2,600 MHz) LTE frequency bands. Whether the Smart phone offers a multi-colored LED display for messages or missed calls, whether it is aligned for inductive load or about has a fingerprint sensor, don’t miss our testers also.