Small Environments with Barbecue

Has a small but still has the desire to have a barbecue at home? You can create a nice space in a corner of your House, so if you need some tips for small environments with barbecue is just keep an eye here.

The first thing you should do in time of creating your space to think about the size of the in that will fit there, is small, but you can have a barbecue and a bank or is a bit larger and fits a table of four places. You should think about what you’re going to be able to put it there thinking about the space that you have and not forgetting the scene to move, my tip is to leave a good space to move, especially in the area of the grill.


The barbecue, of course;

A sink;

A bench that does not need to be large;

Place to sit;

A table if there’s room.

With these things it will be possible to create your space, you will have a nice place to call your friends and have a barbecue.

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Small Environments with Barbecue


There are many types of grills, you can make a brick that is very cute, but can also have a lower and even mobile. The grill is ideal for renting, you can be a space, make your barbecue and will not modify the environment.

Check out this idea I found, is a very small space, barbecue area is also the area of the laundry, but was very cool and has the essential. The environment is small, but she’s there, light colors, the mirror and inox help give the impression of greater.

This is a drawing, the idea is very good, perfect for apartments with balcony, just need to figure out where you’re going out to smoke not to fill the house of your smoke, not the home of others. There they use a very small barbecue, has the sink and a small, pretty cool and with this space it is possible to receive friends and have a party.

One more small environments of barbecue, but this is not as small as the first two. Here’s everything you talked about is essential and still has a very large table. I liked the idea of the bench and chairs, wood combines very well with environments like this so if you are in doubt that material use will of wood.

Finally I separated this environment, I enjoyed a lot too, in a small space they were able to put everything, got the barbecue, sink, table and even a refrigerator to store the meat. Furthermore the room has a garden still very cute, talking about it, it’s always nice to have a little plant in this place can be a flower on desk or a vertical garden I hope you enjoyed the ideas of small environments with barbecue, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment, I can help you.

Small Environments with Barbecue 1

Small Environments with Barbecue 2

Small Environments with Barbecue 3