Skinny Man How to Dress, Ideal Shirt for Men Slim

Skinny Man How to Dress-Ideal Shirt and Clothes for Skinny Men-Check Out Tips

It sounds incredible, but it’s true, we’re talking about how to disguise thinness. Most women dream, but in men sometimes thinness bothers.

How to dress to disguise the excess of thinness? How to hide the bare bones under the shirt or the blouse? What kind of shirt to wear on rather skinny men?

These doubts annoy men and their women, mothers, sisters, friends, who want to see them beautiful and safe.

We separate for you that you are in doubt when dressing and disguising the thinness, but infallible tips, that will leave you well dressed in the trends and the fashion.

Tips to disguise thinness at the time of dressing:

  • Try to favor your good points and avoid hiding inside large and wide clothes. Wide clothes do not disguise thinness, but it does make you look smaller still.
  • When choosing a blazer or suit, look for the slim, more upright and tapered ones, of course your number, neither smaller nor greater. Shoulders should mark shoulders, but without exaggeration. The most suitable colors for skinny men are gray, black, navy blue, colors that go well on every occasion.
  • Do not use matching color pieces that lengthen the silhouette, use different colors for pants and sweaters, giving the impression of cropped silhouette and less long.
  • In winter, high-necked knits and salient collars are welcome. V-necklines show the bones of the lap. High collar appreciates the shoulders.
  • Tight and tight fitting t-shirts and shirts are not recommended. Use parts neither too fair nor too long and spare and of medium length.
  • Jackets should be tighter and hip-high. For lean and low men it is recommended the highest jacket bars.
  • Avoid fine, silky fabrics. Wool is fat because of the volume.
  • Dark prints highlight more the lean body, Use them lighter. Lists only the horizontal ones, which widen the body and decrease the height.
  • Different than it looks, pleats and waistband are not suitable for thin people as they deform the body. Wear straight cut pants that open slightly at the knees, thus disguising the thin legs. The skinny pants is a good order and models the legs and ocm more traditional washes.
  • Wear longer long sleeve shirts inside the pants.
  • Wear shorts below the knee, not so tight and not so wide.
  • Pockets, layers and overlays are suitable for lean people.
  • Use smaller belts and thin ties.

To appear to have the athletic body you both crave and dress up with a modern and trendy look, look at the models, which are generally lean and elegant. Follow the lean men’s tips on how to dress and feel safe, your body favors any model, do not imagine ungainly, have posture and success.

See pictures of looks ideal for skinny man how to dress:

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