Shut Up, the Second

Nokia has missed his Smart phone N93 a facelift. The new N93i comes with more memory, a different battery and a new housing.

The Nokia N93i is assumed to expire the rank to our previous phone Primus N93. A new face and more memory should help to the leadership in the mobile ranking the N93i. Our forecast was optimistic, finally the N93i has more memory and is slimmer than its predecessor.

The problem: unexpected weaknesses which the N93i cost valuable points were In the test. We tell you where the camera phone had to ruffle feathers and where the problems lie.

Equipment: Well Placed

The N73 combines all important functions of the phone. Mobile Internet access fun with UMTS and good browser.

Phone functions
Phone features, no competitor is easily the N93i.Numbers can be for example via voice dialing in. A well-crafted contact management stores unlimited addresses with over 40 possible under entries of the second home about different email addresses up to the nickname. In addition, you can assign a custom ringtone to each contact upon request. It works also with contact groups.

The phone almost any environment and situation can be adjusted with up to 26 profiles. The built-in voice recorder records sounds or other acoustic events, which can be used as ringtone. However, the recorder makes close after just a minute.

Data functions
Who wants to send data with the N93i or received, has plenty of opportunities. So you can Bluetooth, USB or wireless (802.11 g, 54 MBit / s) use. Also an infra – red interface is available.

Via UMTS video call you can not only hear your counterpart, but also see. A really successful browser is ready for trips on the Internet. Websites are built fairly quickly, the navigation via mouse pointer and 5-way button – great! Faster you surf via W-LAN. In the test, dial-in such networks worked easily.

At the N93i, a memory card (1 GB) is included. At the factory still 998 MB for your own content available including phone memory. Computer with Windows XP recognize the Smartphone with a card is inserted as an external drive. Extra drivers do not need to do so. Simply select data transfer mode, and it appears the phone in the drive list.Our test file (3 MB) was transferred in 5 seconds on this way. An entire album (MP3 12 tracks) landed in good a minute in the phone’s memory.

PDA functions
As a Smartphone, the possibility to edit Office files is missing the N93i in addition to a QWERTY keyboard.With the built-in Quickoffice Viewer, you can open Office documents while, but not edit. In the Office folder a calculator and units a PDF reader, zip utility, and bar code scanner can be found also.

Data such as contacts, notes, appointments, and tasks can be matched with the PC. However, you cannot synchronize E-mail. In the test we needed less than one and a half minutes to offset 1,000 contacts via USB, about 20 seconds longer needed the procedure via Bluetooth. Via infrared, the 1,000 contacts landed less than two and a half minutes into the phone – still a good value!

Multimedia: Thick Camera

The strength of the N93i is undoubtedly in the optical calculation: 3.2 megapixel resolution, optical zoom and VGA video resolution speaks for itself.

Photo equipment, nothing has changed compared to the Nokia N93. 2.048 x 1.536 pixels brings also the N93i (3.2 megapixel) resolution with auto focus, LED illuminator and a Zeiss lens. For snapshots, the camera but not good.

Good 2 seconds until the pass after pressing the shutter button. The quality of the images can be seen.Powerful colors and decent sharpness make look good photos on the PC display.

Amateur filmmaker get a quite useful tool at your fingertips with the N93i. Up to 60 minutes long, set to music videos can be captured in VGA quality (640 x 480 pixels) on the memory card. A digital image stabiliser to ensure a steady image. Then on the home TV to play the own works, you can use the supplied adapter cable.

In the test, the camera despite image stabilizer delivered quite shaky clips. A full-blown video camera can therefore not replace, for that quick snack video or YouTube for a video portal à la ranges but always quality.

The music player of the N93i is similar to that of the N93 on the hair. The same applies to the included headset from Music follows although at relatively high volume again, bass power and we missed sound volume.

For the setting up of the sound, you can choose from preset presets or make your own settings via equalizer.There is also a simple FM radio without RDS function. In the test, turned out to be the radio receiver as well receiving strong. Nokia does not supply an adapter for your own headset.

Practice: Block On The Ear

Handiness is not just the strength of the Nokia N93i. Also during the battery test, the Finn was disappointing.

Display / key data
Despite the diet prescribed by the manufacturer, the newcomer is a pretty block. Dimensions of 108 x 61 x 25 mm and 164 grams, you will feel the N93i in each bag.Also on the phone wanted to set a good feeling.

The big camera unit of the N93i is quite uncomfortable on the cheek. The newcomer opts for one other force cell than the N93. Where, after all, just 276 minutes at full GSM power available were in the test. The N93i brings it compared only to 205 minutes, at least 76 minutes less.

The Finns have filed also in the display. The display can display over 16 million colors 37 x 49 mm area. Brightness and contrast like and ensure clear images. Outside, hidden under the reflective surface, an OLED screen that reflects the status of the mobile phone and the time is. The user can choose from different display colors. The mirrored surface while chic looks, but also your disadvantages. Ugly fingerprints are particularly good to see it and give a grubby look the phone quickly.

Handling / acoustics
In the processing and handling the N93i could not entirely convincing. The rickety folding mechanism and sharp plastic edges act like with hot needle knit. The new keyboard from a cast looks cute though, is lacking however crisp pressure points.

That was better resolved in the N93. The operation itself is it any different to the N93. The menu navigation is clearly structured and easy to understand. Seven assignable buttons plus multimedia key provide good possibilities for customization. If you like, can create a your own menu structure or reordering capabilities.

The operation of camera function, like even in the N93, is somewhat unfavorably solved. The thumb must make still much distance to get to the trigger or the zoom wheel. This is not necessarily comfortable for smaller hands. The Smartphone with average services completed the acoustic test. Voices were always good to understand, sounded on the phone but slightly unnatural and overridden.

Conclusion: A Great Success

The objective to improve the N93, Nokia has failed to achieve. The current version of camera phones succeeds only on rank 7 in the mobile ranking and his leading relatives it is not dangerous.

No doubt the N93i is a good phone with maturePhone functions, a complete phalanx of interfaces and a lot of Data-power. Especially photo – and video friends should look at it. The quality of the Pictures. suitable also for the expression. Also the Videos able to look out and sufficient for video blogs on the Internet always. But also the older N93 brings the same benefits.

Weaker battery
The Battery the N93i is to pass out much earlier than that of its predecessor, the Keyboard less is good and somewhat liebloser processing.After all, Nokia put a memory card with 1 GB capacity with in the package. Also, the cell phone has failed a bit thinner.

Remained the same is the Accessories: strap, cleaning rags, and video adapters can be found next to the stereo headset the N93 as well as the N93i.

That N93 is the better choice. While it brings only a 128 MB large memory card, can score but with the longer endurance and better handling. In addition, the N93 is currently cheaper than the N93i. The N93 without binding contract will cost about 590 euros. The N93i you pay currently at least 700 euros without a contract (as of March 2007).