Shoesliebe? Shoewerke by Roger Vivier

With the names of Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik, most women get excited.The pulse is faster.The eyes become bigger.The thoughts are all about unusual designer heels!The great shoes with dizzying high heels and peppery prices are probably what the ladies’ world understands under luxury.At least since we were able to see “Sex and the City” and Carry Bradshaw’s passion for Manolos (who are not just shoes, but an outfit!), We would also like to have at least a couple of these treasures in the closet.

But who actually invented the trend for expensive expensive heels?To the great surprise of many, we tell you: it was neither Jimmy nor Manolo.When the two designers were still in their children’s shoes, there was one who invented the Stiletto: Roger Vivier.
Genuine fashionistas and fans of the “Gossip Girl” series should be the name of the designer according to JustinShoes.Net. For the It-Girls of the 50s and 60s Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve designed real masterpieces.He occupied shoes with feathers and pearls and made them become real sculptures, which are not worn but placed in the showcase.This was not a coincidence.Roger Vivier did not have much to do with fashion.He trained as a sculptor.In order to be able to afford them, he began to work in a shoe factory and only discovered his destiny there.His early education as a visual artist also influenced him in the creation of his shoes.The small, thin stiletto heel, which seems normal to us today, was then a revolution.He overcame all static laws.From then on, Vivier was a firm figure among the skin couture designers and remained known for his exceptional sales.Due to the unusual shapes and colors, Vivier’s shoes are often referred to as Fabergé eggs under the shoes.
In addition to Yves Saint Laurent, he also collaborated with Christian Dior, who sold his shoe collection under the label “Christian Dior – Souliers créés par Roger Vivier”, making him the final shooting star in the industry.In the next step, he founded his own label and fulfilled the dreams of many women.

In such a story, it was high time to dedicate a special exhibition to the designer.In the Offenbach Museum you can see the most beautiful pieces from the hand of Roger Vivier.In addition to some well-known designs, there are also about 40, mostly unknown prototypes, designed by the Frenchman for Princess Soraya or Queen Elizabeth II.In total, there are 98 amazing Vivier shoes and 2 dresses by Christian Dior to admire.A paradise!
For all fashion enthusiasts a trip is definitely worth it!The exhibition will take place until 2 November 2014 and you will have to go to:
ShoeWERKE by Roger Vivier
DLM German Ledermuseum / Schuhmuseum Offenbach
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63067 Offenbach, Germany