Shoes Autumn 2011: Retro, Heels and Boots. You Choose?

You like you to fall bought new shoes? If you do not want to give you the best fiercer blowing a colleague, it’s time to go hunting. Proclaim changing of the guard and welcome in my shoe rack pieces, in which you can safely hike through the fall.

And this certainly takes “” which just any shoes do not fit into the eye. The course is both classic ankle boots on a thin heel and lace-up pancakes in men’s style, which expires tram without problems. And do not forget to peek into the closet of your grandmother, one of the main trends of the season it is and retro style.

The high life

You love classic elegant fashion and without heels can not even blow? Then you definitely get the following boots.You can not choose whether you prefer beige or black? Get your shoes, where the fair will replace both colors.Combinations of two or more shades trends.

Shades of red Points!

Conservative colors, such as black or gray you on your feet tired? This year you can step out in red. Whether you choose a bright red, burgundy or rather, certainly not make a mistake. That we Chapel on your favorite color? Do not miss the article Overlooked red: Would you dare to it?.

inspired by men

One of the strongest trends autumn shoes, which carry a lot of elements of men’s footwear. Lacing, stitching, perforation and cuts typical staked out in the ladies botnících. If you like this idea, boldly into them.

on the platform

Swear by the platform shoes that make all but the highest of heels bearable? Even in the autumn you will be satisfied. Platform had also appeared on an autumn ankle boots. If you’re still not come to them on taste, let yourself be tempted by Article towering heels? And you can be comfortable!

V retro stylu

You’ve already seen these boots somewhere? This is possible because once wore like a large percentage of the older generation. They are this year’s course, but in a more modern variant, so indulge in them women of all ages.The great thing is that most of them look great in combination with both pants and skirts.

higher League

In cooler weather, give priority kozačkám which, although not yet equipped with warm fur, and so can not stand frost, but in the fall they are literally like done. If proběháte most of the day, indulge in a stylish shoes without heels.