Sets Summer: Sandals

Footwear that can not miss in the summer, let female feet sandals, in addition to beautiful and stylish, comfortable and free to deal with the high temperatures. For the warm season of 2012, proposals for various options arrive sandals that promise to please women of many different styles, from the classic to the more flowers.

The main models of tooth Sandals summer 2012, including with anabela jumps, mix of textures, with animal prints—the Snake on the fairway of the time, appearing in natural and coloured nuances.

The summer 2012 also promises many rustic style Sandals trend so popular in recent seasons. And bring sandals with artisan raw material applications such as rope, straw, wood, raffia, jute, linen, crochet and Cork, which appear mainly on the heels of the sandals, which still bring details as twisted strips and moorings, leaving the female feet still sexier and shows.

The retro trend wins the next summer sandals, as well as the most glamorous, embellished with many stones–which now appear raw looking and dull, as if they hadn’t been cut, Rhinestones, and brilliant detail of sequins and glitter. And, for the most daring, which do not exempt a nice high heels, they continue with everything-appearing, especially on anabela and half-leg-and even more dizzying, where some boast of more 15 cm.

Minimalism, with its forms straight and perfect, full of geometry and architectural lines, also arrives strong in 2012 Summer sandals, ´ filing s of differentiated and rigid formats cutouts.

The shades of footwear range, going of colors like electric blue, Orange, and Red;even the more neutral. However, black Sandals should leave a little scene, paving the way for the brownish tints tones, raw and beiges. and half to illuminate these templates.