See Through Blouse: What Bra Use?

Well, today I decided to do a post about a doubt common among women: what is the best bra for use with sweaters or shirts that are transparent, that’s trendy suuuper! And, whether or not to stay with the BRA showing, use different colors.

First, something has to be combined: everything else going on here is a matter of opinion. Of course we show the fashion, trends, but it’s up to you to follow it or not, agree or not. Why am I telling you this? Because using a piece of a different color, with details, purposefully with transparent clothing is a matter of taste, are not all they like, find beautiful or agree that it is legal. OK?!

Well, then, come on. Let’s make a deal, for those who want to show the BRA, let’s give tips on how to make this beautiful, chic, without being vulgar or corny.And you will get more information from GRADCHEM.

Blouse or shirt transparent white or beige: I have seen many girls using that tone with black Bras, for example (better than colored black, let’s face it), can be used Yes, but try not to put Bras with details, because the contrast is striking (no brightness, lace, embroidery), sometimes, it seems, wearing a black bra with transparent blouses white or beige , is less striking than use with white bra.That Yes, will draw more attention (and also may not have details, remember, the flashy it’s about transparency! But for those who do not like to show the BRA, then goes into action our Joker: the BRA! He doesn’t show up, shows nothing, no brand, mass should also not have any detail!

Transparent black shirt or Blouse: well, there’s no way to use the opposite of white, that is, it’s not because you can use a black bra with white blouse, a white bra with black sweater is going to work, no way!! Blouse Black = Black bra! And no chocolate, too, because then he will appear and will not match.

Transparent colored Blouse: can also be used with black brassiere, is better, but, depending on the piece you can try chocolate or white (but not to make a mistake, go black!!!)

Important points:
  1. Watch Bras with lace, a mark other don’t, especially in these Silk Satin or shirts that are fashionable.
  2. It is important that you pay attention to the tone of your skin.Brown and black, with white and transparent blouses white Bras, score more. Go to black bra. The very white, black bra with transparent white shirt, will score too much. Go to white or nude.
  3. Finally, pay attention to the BRA, since there’s no point in you’re beautiful in front, if the shirt is transparent, obviously, it shows the back too.Look for bra close front, IE top type (of dress above), or, in the case of basic or strapless Bras, which have close behind, but that looks nice, nothing to show those super basic locks Bras, if not the glamour ends.
Let’s start with people that you can give lingerie without thinking twice:
  1. For your friends, mainly, of your age or near.
  2. For relatives also ages next, feed type.

Now, who you should not give lingerie, unless you have intimate enough for that and the personality of the person you allow:

  1. For the family that is bem’s older than you
  2. For their relatives who is also life older than you.
The following important points:

Following girls, it’s not that older people don’t use or don’t like lingerie, imagine! But the big difference in age, may not allow you to choose a proper piece to taste and “moment” of the winner.I’m saying for women of 45 years to go. Because, sometimes, the winner will open the gift in front of other guests, and you can leave it embarrassed to win something so intimate.

But that’s what I said up there, if you are someone modern super super forward, which allows it, go for it, you can presentea it without fear, otherwise NEVER GIVE LINGERIE, gives a buquet beautiful she will love.

Another important point to be followed for winners of any age: if the person is a little “chubby”, that you think will use GG or even more, but not sure, here’s a tip: ALWAYS take a number less (than you think, at least). Because you as a woman you know we’re crazy, neurotic, see coat in egg, if you take a very large lingerie the winner might be offended, and goes that it’s not the size you were thinking and she uses less?! There she will find that you are calling fat! Always give a smaller number, so, or she will play herself (“Oh girl, I’m more fatty, imagine that I fit in here!”) or she will feel happy (“Wow, did you think you would fit in me?! Oh good, I’m skinny! “), or neither, on the folly of each (” women. “)!

I’ve been to a lot of customer when I looked, I was sure I would be more than GG, but there are some that refuse to use dummy too big, and if you stick it in the smaller size (this is for clothes), so … ALWAYS GIVE A SMALLER SIZE! (of course, give the card to store after she change if need).

And one last point, just as iportant: the personality of the person in conversation, meetings, gatherings, anyway, doesn’t mean what she wears in private. I have seen many young girls and beautiful that only use large and beige knickers, and I’ve seen a lot of women with serious faces, older than only use dental floss and colorful! (when I think I know the taste of women, an always surprise me!). So, when is giving lingerie as a gift, always give the Basic (I’m not talking about cotton, wide and such, you have to be beautiful, delicate, lace), basic model, no cord, and always give basic colors as well, like black or white (no Beige). Colored only if you are sure that she will like and only for younger women, like some 35 years down, above, in black or white. If she wants to change then she return.

Oh, that goes for prints also. Nothing prints if you are not sure of the taste, especially newborn animals and such stuff!

Well, I think we can have an idea now. Any questions you can write me that answer.