See How To Use Summer Dresses In Winter

Not long ago you renewed your wardrobe for the summer, and winter has arrived. That feeling that you need to add other pieces of clothes, doesn’t it? Yes, but the good news is that you can adjust your summer dresses to wear in the coldest season of the year.And I’m not saying you have to take your clothes in a seamstress, but learn the look with pieces that you probably have in your closet. The following tips are some of the tricks of sets for you to enjoy what you have and not be cold during the winter.

See How To Use Summer Dresses In Winter

It’s unbelievable, but it is entirely possible to use summer dresses during the winter, and best, without suffering from the low temperatures of the season. The tricks are only in use certain parts to compose the looks.

Fashion Tricks For You To Wear Summer Dresses For Winter


If you like a lighter dress, do option by using it with a leather jacket, because it is more efficient and is the face of winter. To complete the look, use a thick panty 80 wire type and a footwear closed.


In addition to the jacket, you can use coats or coats over dresses of summer to compose your winter look. The great advantage of using the jacket instead of the jacket, is that you can test various overlaps with various patterns and different textures. If you want to dare a little more, you can choose to use an overcoat and make it look like it is a shorter dress.


Forget the open shoes. To compose looks with summer dresses during the winter, choose closed shoes, preferably the heavier boots . You can abuse the look with big boots style boots or boots above the knees.

Not To Miss In The Look

Those typically summer floral prints do not match the winter. So stay tuned to not err in time to wear dresses of summer during the winter. Leave aside the tropical prints or delicate little creatures, they are unique to the warm season.

If you like light clothes and want to use white dresses in winter, no problem, it’s released. The white pieces are versatile and can compose looks amazing with tights and heavier footwear. Therefore, black panty-hose will form a contrast fashion with your white dress.

The same is valid for the yellow tip, that although it is a typically summer color, can compose a look incredibly beautiful in contrast with the black.

Who is safer and is in order to dare can opt for socks 3/4 and 7/8–over half thinner. The important thing is to not let the summer dresses forgotten during the winter.

The hat and the wreath are also super trendy. The choice of accessories makes all the difference in the composition of the looks.

Now it is putting into practice the tricks and use their summer dresses during the winter.