Seda Fashion Shirts: Sophistication, Awesome Models to Destroy

There is something more elegant than a sophisticated woman in a beautiful silk shirt. The piece that is almost a symbol of who knows how to dress well is never out of fashion and is the perfect option for daytime and nighttime events. There is no mistaking a silk shirt, just take some care that you will be beautiful and super charming in any event.

The great problem of a silk shirt is the excessive seriousness it passes. Girls and young women should be careful not to look too old or too conservative. Author and fashion expert  Glory Kalil  went further and said in a  Chics  story that care must be taken.” Are you Kate Moss? No. Are you Giovanna Battaglia? No. Are you Anna Dello Russo? No. Then you can not wear any silk blouse!” – she said.

But this is not the end of the world. After all, we are not talking about dark shirts, lifeless and closed up to the neck. Young people can also abuse their shirts without looking old-fashioned, just know what to wear.

One tip is the  colors. Look for light shades of sophisticated prints. The  flat ones are welcome, but if there is a discreet and cheerful print, the better. Enjoy to leave part of the lap to show, without exaggerating of course. This increases the femininity of the look and favors who does not want to look like a lady of 70 years. If you prefer there are models with different collars.

An important detail is the bottom. The silk skin shirt skirts  and high waist  pants , which is not a rule since when they are worn on more casual occasions they can come out of a shorts or a jeans without problems.

But what about you, what do you think of the tips??? Leave a Reply

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