Satin Pillowcases

The agent isn’t sleeping beauty, but a good night’s sleep makes miracle, particularly if it’s in his face. Yes, Yes, the pillowcase right. We’re so accustomed to use cotton pillowcase, but you can’t imagine the difference that gives use silk or satin pillowcase, even though your pillow case is 4,568,000 Egyptian cotton yarns.

The quality of your pillowcase can influence the health of your skin and hair. My story with pillowcases began a decade ago, when I was getting treatment with dermato to end in spines, and I remember she told me that as important as the skin care routine at home, was change the pillowcase at least twice a week. Bacteria from the own face (excess oils, dirt) accumulate in the tissue (especially if you don’t wash your face before bed), may cause or aggravate problems with acne. This “problem” is not necessarily related to the fabric of the pillowcase, goes for anyone, but here the list of disadvantages of cotton pillowcase:

Dryness in skin and hair: Cotton is super absorbent, to have an idea he can absorb up to 27 times your weight in water, a pound of cotton can absorb 27 pounds of water. That way, all your hydration skin and hair are absorbed into the pillowcase. Think you do that rhyca hair mask and pillow case steals everything, slutty!

Frizz and breakage of wires: In addition to suck all our water, cotton cause more friction than satin, for it reduces frizz, breakage and less knead the wire. I have fine hair and curly and it en-che of frizz for nothing but to suffer with rumpled hair every morning, 80% problem solved after new pillowcases.

Premature wrinkles: The same story, but with the skin, causing less friction with the satin is more delicate skin, I mean, wake up with squishy, with creases and marks, who hasn’t? Imagine that during the entire life, cause wrinkle Yes!

Boring but super problems easy to solve, just change your pillowcase with a cotton satin. Your hair and your skin thank you! According to the manufacturer of the pillowcases I bought, they are delicate with the hair and reduces frizz, while the satin fibers help to moisturize the skin and soften lines. Works for all hair types, helps keep brush and babyliss for longer, takes effect anti age and regulates the temperature during the night.

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