Samsung Unveils a Sale of Inkjet Printers

News From The Samsung Forum 2013-02-13

An important message from the Samsung in-house exhibition 2013 is that Samsung is the production of ink-jet printers. While the leading heads of Samsung also by the insolvency of the company Kodak, as well as the setting of the manufacture of inkjet printers by hero inspired. Who would have even an inkjet printer Samsung CJX series, should hurry, because some residual stocks are still in the distribution channels. On the introduction of business Printers Ink Jet based on, you should not hope at Samsung. This was one of the clear statements at the Samsung Forum 2013. This was however also stressed, that you could keep the market in mind and respond at short notice if necessary.

Laser Printers Are Available At Samsung In The Foreground

There will be the first addition to the laser printer from Samsung at the labels. The usual previously at the multifunctional devices short identifiers such as CLP , SCX, CLX and ML be accounted for in the future. Future newcomers for the private user are marketed under the name”Samsung Xpress” on the market. According to Printerhall, office printer of the middle class are in the future to recognize the addition of “Samsung ProXpress”.

They are provided with shortcuts, give the information about whether it is a s/w (M) printer or a color printer (C). The following combination displays the printing speed as well as the generation of the printer. On the last digit of the number combination, the prospect for the Samsung printer is can see in the future what system of printer cartridges is used. The “0” indicates that it is a combo cartridge with which also the imaging drum needs to be replaced. A “5”, is at the end is set to separate cartridges for each color. Preserved the letter abbreviations at the end, from which it is apparent whether a printer Wi-Fi capabilities, a fax function, or a standard duplexer brings.

Samsung’s Next New Releases

Some of the newcomers likely has already shown Samsung at the in-house exhibition. Those who are interested can look at 2013 more accurately the individual technical facts at CeBIT. Private users can look forward the Samsung Xpress M2825 series on new models, which are designed as pure printer. The announced all-in-ones for the home users come from the Samsung M2875 series. For the multifunction devices for the commercial office, two new series are imposed with the ProXpress M4070 and ProXpres M3870 models. For pure printers, there will be three new series. You carry the series names Samsung ProXpress M4025 and ProXress M3825 and ProXpress M3325.