Samsung Launches Addwash Line with Exclusive Benefit to Consumers

Attentive to the needs of consumers, Samsung launches in Brazil AddWash line consisting of two models, both front load-a washer, and a wash and dry – with a unique benefit in the market: it is now possible to include pieces of clothing, even though the washing process has already come under cover. The products arrive to Brazil along with a dryer that offers innovative drying technologies like steam used to disinfect and dry the clothes, reducing unwanted odors, and does not leave the wrinkled clothes.

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WF15K6500-Samsung AddWash Washer

Samsung revolutionizes the front washers segment with the launch of the new model AddWash WF15K6500. With 15 kg capacity, AddWash WF15K6500 washer has an additional port, which allows the inclusion of pieces of clothing, even after the start of the wash cycle. If consumers forget items to be washed even after switching on the washing machine, or if the child spilled food on his clothes after washing, now just push the button “Pause/Start”, open the AddWash door, add clothes and press “Pause/Start” again. It is still possible to add fabric softener or SOAP in the middle of the cycle.

The Samsung washer AddWash door has a 130 degree opening, facilitating the addition of pieces of clothing. The 13 wash cycles will certainly facilitate the day to day user. In the cycle “Super fast”, you can wash up to 5 kg of clothes in just 59 minutes. In the “Sanitization” cycle, bacteria are eliminated because the wash is made with water heated to 95° c. Also include the six modes that can be combined with the wash cycles with a simple touch of a button, such as “tough stains”, “Easy” and “Delay”. In the latter, the completion of the washing can be delayed by up to 24 hours, minimizing the time of permanence of the laundry in the drum and therefore avoiding bad odors.

As well as the entire line of Samsung washers, AddWash WF15K6500 uses the Digital engine Reverse *, which does not have brushes, so it works in colder temperatures – and uses less electrical energy. To have less moving parts, without the use of pulleys or belts, he also has a life greater, so the Samsung offers 10 years warranty for the engine. Already the function EcobubbleTM ** dissolve the SOAP with air and water before the beginning of the cycle, generating bubbles penetrate the fabric faster than the concentrated SOAP. The product also uses the washing of clothes in cold water *** performance similar to hot water.

* Compared to conventional engines from Samsung. ** Based on internal testing (Samsung Electronics), Seine 9 kg Combo device, half load (4 kg), cotton program from Samsung (40° C) vs. Super Eco program (cold). Actual results may vary according to the model and the specific environmental conditions that consumers encounter while operating the machine.

Available in color, the Samsung AddWash Washer WF15K6500 has suggested retail price of R $6,299.00.

WD10K6500-Wash and dry AddWash Samsung

Samsung will also present AddWash innovation to the lava and dry line 10.2 Kg. This is the AddWash WD10K6500 which will be released in July 2017.

The Wash and dry AddWash Samsung WD10K6500 will be available in white and stainless steel, with a suggested retail price of R$ and R $3,999.00 3.7999 respectively.

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