Samsung Gear S2: Try It with the New Official App for Android Smartphones

Samsung has introduced earlier applications to allow users to experience and learn about his new devices before deciding whether to buy them or not. Already with the Galaxy and the Galaxy S5 S6 users have had the opportunity to experience Touch Wiz thanks to an application that precisely simulating the operation of devices and that has been downloaded over 1 million times.

With the release of Gear S2 Samsung introduces the app Experience Gear S2. The smartwatch is already reaping praise due to its round design and elegant both with the convenient thumbwheel and out of curiosity to try the OS Tizen. The app is available in three languages: English, Chinese and Korean and allows anyone a virtual testing of the device.
The app Experience your grid, the five major characteristics of Gear S2 S2 Gears are:


If you are planning to buy a wearable also may be dispensed not by aesthetic taste and stylish design. The Stylish Smart Gear screen section provides further detail on the design and materials of the Gear S2. By clicking on “Experience” then you can watch the smartwatch in all its details and in 360 degrees and in all available colors: dark gray and silver for the S2 Gear and classic black.

Experience of using

One of the most useful features and functionality of this Gear S2 is undoubtedly the rotating bezel that allows to move the menu in a very easy and intuitive. It is a unique and practical way to use a smartwatch.

After selecting this function, simply select “Experience” to bring up the Simulator. The app will allow you to turn the knob to achieve various effects.

Healthier Lifestyle

The app also shows Gear health-related characteristics S2 Experience built into the device.You can try how it is detected the movement, physical activity and heart rate with Auto Tracking. You can also simulate a run on the treadmill, selecting the function.

You can also try the various Watch Faces inherent exercise as: Activity sparkles and’Activity bubbles.

Convenience & More

This field allows you to explore a wide range of other functions of the Gear S2, as Samsung Pay monitoring notifications, and other accessories. The Notification function lets try check your received messages and sending responses preset, leaving voice mails and more.Samsung Pay lets try the payment system. Finally a roundup of many other functions of the Gear S2, as the 3 g connectivity (no Italy), wireless charging and compatibility with other Android devices (running 4.4 O/S or higher, with at least 1.5 GB of RAM).

Try On

With this feature you can try wearing the GS2 Gear virtually. Again, it starts with the button“Experience”. Then you choose a quadrant (dark gray, silver or black), followed by one of the 16 Watch Face. Once you choose the combination, simply select Try On and you can shoot a picture of Gear custom on your wrist and S2 share the photo with friends via various channels (mail, social etc.)

In essence this Gear S2 Experience is a nice way to try out the new Samsung wearable.Obviously it is not comparable to the real user experience and the ability to touch it with your hands but can be an alternative or additional way for anyone who is willing to buy it or at least give it a try.