Salewa Sleeping Bag Micro 800

A few weeks ago, a reader wrote to me asking me about the sleeping bag Salewa Micro 800. In summary, the mail said these things:

  • I would like some information about the Salewa Sigma Micro 800.
  • The dealer assured them that it is an excellent product and that the Salewa Sigma can be used to sleep in tents in autumn/winter at low altitudes, this is true?
  • I bought it for a little girl who now uses it in closed buildings but also in a few outdoor camping time will do fine for you?

Follow the cordial greetings and thanks.

The dear Madam must have been wrong by typing your e-mail address so I could send them my response, which I summarize here for the benefit of all readers (the sleeping bag in question appears to have been discontinued). To find out how to choose a sleeping bag, our site should answer almost every question. Please email me with any questions on the subject that I did not answer.

Good evening (I omit the name),

The Salewa Sigma Micro 800 is a good quality sleeping bag, the retailer has not lied in this, and you can use it at odds not high as long as the temperatures are within a certain range, it is also true that. More than anything, for a little girl could perhaps be more appropriate to a lot, but I don’t know how you have spoken and I will not go into the merits of the indications of the trader (I refer to this and that, whose shape is designed for children). I have here the official data of the temperature rating of the Sigma 800 (right now I’m traveling), but from what I’m seeing should be between 7° and -7°, get him for good (but also checks for security).

Whereas I don’t think (name of Association) will lead the children to stay overnight in extreme conditions – want to protect children, want to protect them – the Salewa Sigma Micro 800 should be more than enough, in fact, she might have even heat if the outside temperature does not get close to zero. If you really want the certainty, could give her a fleece cover where enveloping yourself before entering the lot, but consider whether you should give her so much baggage. Unfortunately the temperature rating is not valid for children, whose metabolism travels differently from that of adults, so you have to judge me “by eye”.

In any case, no mentor worthy of the name will miss his daughter due assistance, and probably will indicate what will be the most appropriate equipment to new experiences as they arrive.

If you continue to feel worried, you ask the question: my daughter tends to get cold at night? I have to cover it as much or as little as I cover it? With this, assess their own temperatures rating, and from there say if the baby will need extra blankets. Best wishes Simone.

P.s. I don’t know the age of her child, but I suppose it’s well shorter than the lot. You could teach her to fold the bottom up to the foot in these cold case – the air sacs disperse heat-or on the contrary could teach her how to unfold it if it gets too hot.

A note to all: Please, ask questions, tell me what you think, but remember to put your correct e-mail address so that we can respond.

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