Runtastic Moment Basic Smartwatch

Generally speaking, people are no longer looking for the miracle diet or the perfect body. Instead they look for a healthy life where good eating habits and the practice of physical exercise are present in a natural way.

There is no doubt that the technology, which includes wearables and smartphones, was one of the great drivers of this new mentality. As such, we have already started testing a wearable from Runtastic, the Smart Moment Basic watch.

The wearable Runtastic Moment Basic is a watch that adapts to the most varied situations. Practical to make a run and elegant to use on a daily basis on any occasion, whether at work or at dinner.

The bracelet of Runtastic watch is in silicone and the dial is common to a conventional watch. It is available in beige and black at TUCSONSMARTWATCHES.COM and inside it integrates some useful technology in the day to day of those who like to walk “monitored”. The Moment Basic is thus a waterproof watch that really gives hours, but does much more. It counts the steps and distance traveled daily, monitors sleep and has Bluetooth connection, thus interacting with the smartphone through the dedicated applications of Runtastic. It also receives the most diverse notifications of the smartphone, from call alerts, to SMS, to emails or conversations of chat, and more.

Unboxing to Runtastic Moment Basic

Initial Settings

Like any wearable it is necessary that there is an interaction with a mobile device. As such, Runtastic offers an application dedicated to its wearables, Runtastic Me, a free application available for Android, iOS and Windows.

So that there is a connection between your smartphone and the clock you should turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone and connect Runtastic Moment Basic with a click away on your button for 3 seconds. After opening the application just follow the steps, as you can see in the video below, and you are ready to use!

From the short time of use, you have noticed that the count of steps works efficiently and notifications are received successfully. In the coming days, the watch will not leave the wrist so we can give you a detailed analysis of this wearable.