Running Out of Clothes Shopping is Good?

I always write about how a closet full is bad, about letting consume less andyour image is worth, etc. Several of my customers of image consultancy”complain” that can’t buy as much as before, because they can now understand what they really need. But, I’m not favorable to stop completely.

Although I admire blogs like”A year without Zara”, spend some time with only a limited number of pieces in the wardrobe and other initiatives of the genre, do not advise that you simply stop putting new parts on your closet– unless, as in the example of”a year without zara”, for a specific period.

Yes, even with a lean Cabinet, you probably have more pieces than in fact need–if we think only in the clothing as protection. And its parts will not simply fall apart when you solve that will discard them. However, if we think ofclothing as a reflection of who we are, a way to put to the world and to express herself more comfortably, we will still need new parts.

That’s because the person who you were yesterday is different from what you will be in a few months. Life changes, people change, too. Not to mention in our body and on the practical issues that it involves. Even when the weight, age comes and turns the order of things.

And, if all turns, keeping the same locker?

It is true that you can change the way we put into the world just reviewing the way we use and how it combines the pieces you already have. More so even than to manufacture a single piece of clothing several of our currently scarce natural resources are needed-and it is more important to drink water than’ walking in fashion’–but, I believe more in rethink the way things are made than leave them once. Because this could bring an even greater crisis.

So, on the side of the consumer, rather than simply stop buying, I see it as a way to buy better. Not only in the sense of this impact in your practical life, butalso to look for manufacturers seeking to produce more sustainable(environmentally and socially), of people who didn’t need to use new features to make that piece(like the thrift stores and brands that use existing raw material as the starting point of the work), seamstresses can give a new face to what you already have and similar alternatives. Shopping paradise in PARADISDACHAT.