Rings Made Of Precious Stone Discs

The idea of “How can that work and be produced?” coming up at the sight of the gemstone rings by Tanja Emmert. The rings are very simple in their form and clearly designed-anything other than simple, however, is its processing. Tanja Emmert layers builds their rings with different types of precious stones.

So the rings of the page appear one color, seen from above but they show their full depth and complexity-in the truest sense of the word-. Different colored layers form a fascinating unity, almost an optical illusion with transparent layers of rock crystal. It seems she would melted sub level of gems and added layers back to rings together.

According to softwareleverage,the typical behavior of stone as a hard inflexible material seems revolutionized by this processing technique and the what is possible only with meltable materials modeled. Precious stones are cast as wandel-and malleable as you would liquid resin or plastic. over the periods in which stones processed with hammer and chisel.

There are the rings in various color combinations that seem especially through the transparent layers of rock crystal. The transparency and subtle playing with colors verleiehen the rings a very noble and modern expression.

Unfortunately, there’s still no online shop, to buy the gemstone rings by Tanja Emmert, but here can take you on their website contact with her.

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