Ring Change!

Rings for every occasion , for different outfits or even create moods? That’s something for every woman! This is possible with the change ring system. So we can exchange the silver heart in the evening against the black rhinestones and customize it individually to our outfit.

At the same time, I came across a shop that fulfills women’s wishes with this system. What surprised me? “Ring wechsel dich” was founded by a man who started his career as a bricklayer. And today, with his jewelry offer, he makes our hearts beat faster. Now, I have briefly contacted personal contact with Mr. Friesen and asked how the brilliant idea of ​​becoming self-employed in the jewelry sector arose.

As a bricklayer started and after 8 years the Bundeswehr as a seller of jewelery. How did it happen?

After my successful masonry training, I had to go to the Bundeswehr for nine months. After the basic training, I was […] employed as a soldier and I have acquired qualifications that include office activities and logistical skills. At the same time, I have found that I can deal very well with people, respond to their needs and convince them. This experience was crucial for me to give up the occupation of the bricklayer. During the training as a commercial specialist and qualification as a state-certified business owner, my desire to become self-employed in Internet trading came about. One day, as I watched my wife and others have excited about the interchangeable rings, I tried the creations with pleasure and fun. Then I knew “that is it”.

The name of her page “Ring wechsel Dich” is the program. What makes their rings so special?

These rings , or rather these individual elements, offer the customer the opportunity to put together an appropriate ring “for each occasion and every outfit”. The interchangeable rings offer each woman variety and individuality (for each piece is unique in one way). In addition, the combination possibilities with each acquired element are increased. The name “Ringwechsel dich” is intended to show the customers that the ring can be easily changed by Zauberhand.

In their shop you can buy rings from two different systems. What makes them special and what makes them different?

Each system has its advantages and unique features that complement each other.

System 1 has significantly more elements, thus the combination possibilities and the desire fulfillment increase for the customer. This system can also be combined with the elements of other providers.

System 2 has more combination possibilities with different ring bars and the base rings more bright colors. This means that the customer is also spoiled for choosing a combination.

There are also so-called “starter sets“. Is there this from the beginning? Why are you so important in your assortment?

I have noticed that many customers are still insecure when choosing combinations. They do not know if it will work like this and how it may look. It is especially important for customers who are not yet familiar with the system. With starter set you can do nothing wrong.

I deliberately excluded the basic ring from the starter set so that customers can choose between differently wide base rings.

I myself have also let my creativity also times free run and me 4 elements rausgesucht, which I would combine with each other. And I have to say: the result can be seen! Just changing the attachment makes the ring look completely different.

Of course, there are numerous elements that are even more colorful and funky.So for every outfit and finally every season, we can combine a wide range of different elements.

Such a change-over system is really a genius thing, because woman can play with her creativity and combine what the stuff holds.The phrase “I have no suitable jewelery for the outfit” we can thus confidently say Adé!