Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel

Revlon is launching another great innovation: the nail Brilliant Strength , maximum shine and greater resistance.
In the new campaign Brilliant Strength of Revlon, presented by the beautiful Emma Stone, all women are asked to show their strength, the slogan is: “Flaunt your strength Brilliant!”

A force represented symbolically by a glove box that is combined with a glazed hand … strength and femininity that is the message!

Brilliant Strength is the new enamel Professional Revlon which has itself a double function: not only gives the nails an unprecedented brilliance but, more importantly, thanks to a special formula makes them much stronger and more resistant.

Revlon Brilliant Strength is enhanced by reinforcing properties and integrated in the same product base and top coat for stronger and harder nails.

The new Revlon enamels protect your nails from external aggression and simultaneously maintain the bright color and resistant to chipping.

The unique dual-chamber brush is designed to ensure a ‘exceptional gliding application and streak for a super effect bright as a gel.

In one product we find a comprehensive program to fight the best all nail fragility and clothe them in new light and brilliance!

The nails are strengthened instantly thanks to the presence of Camellia oil, the rice bran oil and vitamin E, while the Lotus Pearl extracts and give a moisturizing effect

Ingredients of enamels Brilliant Strength of Revlon:
– the Camellia Oil prepares and strengthens nails;
– the bran oil Rice with Vitamin E protects the nails;
– the lotus extracts and Pearl give a moisturizing effect.

well 15 colors are available glazes Brilliant Strength in 15ml size bottle: Embody, Inspire, Allure, Enrapture, Enamour, Fascinate, Intrigue, Mesmerize, Entice, Captivate, Inflame, Seduce, Persuade, Beguile, Provoke.

Glazes that appear to satisfy every desire, practical, with unique colors, a bright effect and with excellent properties… a real “punch” of color and brilliance! So we dare and flaunted our strength… not only with the nails!

Glazes Revlon Brilliant Strength are for sale at a recommended price of 11,00 Euro. So what do you think? We are really curious to try them!