Review Leadership Phoenix Backpack

When you buy a notebook, you will need some accessories that are indispensable to preserve your model, such as a backpack. For those interested, we introduce Leadership Phoenix.


One of the most important factors in choosing a backpack is the design, after all nobody likes to go around with a nasty looking model on the back. At this point Phoenix is quite attractive.

Available in 3 colors, the model has “notebook backpack face”, which is not very good when you live in large cities with high rates of robberies and robberies.Internally, the backpack has the back padded which, in addition to protecting the notebook, makes the bag quite comfortable for those who use it daily.Thanks to the padded shoulder straps, this backpack relieves the weight of the notebook on the user’s back, providing comfort and safety.

In front of the backpack you find several pockets, 3 of them with zippers and one of them hidden to store documents, cards and other things.On the sides, we have two pockets lined with foam to store small objects, wireless mouse, pendrives and other accessories.

Inside the backpack there are several divisions that are sufficient to accommodate 3 15-inch notebooks, although this is not recommended as it was not designed for this.


As or more important than the design of the backpack is the material from which it is fabricated. The Phoenix is made of reinforced nylon with cotton parts and padded foam, to provide greater comfort and safety for the user and his notebook.

Unfortunately the nylon can deform with high temperatures, so nothing to put your notebook connected inside the backpack.In addition, it is important to remember that the practice of storing the connected notebook in the backpack is not recommended as damage to the internal components of the device may occur.

This backpack may not be very light with its 900 grams, but at least it is very sturdy and will handle even the heavier notebooks.