Retro Gifts Suggestions for Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s day is coming, and with it, the question of what to buy for your baby. If so how do you, he or she loves retro, select products from the market place Vintage Chest, which are pure style and will facilitate your life at the time of choosing the perfect gift.

For them:

For your girlfriend who loves retro style, how about some Vintage trunk achadinhos like this Shoe Oxford Bicolor incredible, brand Cerise Vintage, which is made of leather and hand-produced in various colors, for only $ $160. The same brand, it is worth to bet this pantyhose of bows, on sale for only $ $10, and this pair of Earrings of Cherries, by R $39, and you can get more information from Kentontrade.

If your loved one is a fan of the singer and actress Zooey Deschanel, don’t think twice about purchasing this beautiful red dress inspired by the New American Girl series, R, $60 of Mafalda Vintage. For the Pin-ups on call, worth betting on this Hot Pant of Pois (R $50), Helena Skripes, or Western Shirt , black and white with details in red, R, $124.90 of the same brand.

Highlights also include this Voillete Roses (R $32), the Lady Samy Atelier, and the pair of sunglasses Kitty white Trunk of Mariana, R $77. Liked it? Which of these products have more of your beloved?

For them:

If your beloved into a Rocker, will love this Confederate Shirt printed with the Rebel Flag, made available by Rocket Clothing by R $195, or Western Shirt Mr Vaughan Collection 2016, R $149.90, Helena Skripes. To finish off, what about this fun comb Comb Deliquents with Combs (R $69), Cerise, Vintage Pocket knife?

And as every fan of style into a good rock ‘n’ roll, how about Gifting the your love with this beautiful Phonograph Princess Black, Vintage, Echo by R $779? But, if your loved one enjoy same speed, the tip is to give this Painting Live to Ride (R $45), Games and Gifts, decorative plate Route 66 (R $26.70), the Trunk of Mariana, or the Old Jalopy decorative (R $780), the arc of the vein.

Highlights also include the Classic European Style Watch, Marc Vezper R $270. Liked it? Which of these products have more of your beloved?