Replace Neon Tubes With LED Lamps-It’s Worth!

Replace Neon Tubes With LED Tubes–So It Goes Without Problems

What is respect? Version with electronic ballast or magnetic ballast or specifically for LED tubes?

Important information about replacement of fluorescent tubes by led tubes. There are tips and tricks to a fluorescent lamps against LED to change.

If you are playing with the idea to replace your current neon tubes, tubes with LED we would give you a few tips and tricks, as well as important information about the conversion with this post. LED tubes are the economical, long-lasting and environmentally friendly alternative to “old” neon lights. With the right information beforehand, the replacement of fluorescent tubes can be achieved by led tubes without surprises or problems.

First, you must decide whether you would like to Exchange only the light source and the neon tube itself or whether to replace the whole version together with the tube. Depending on how big is the cost of a complete version of Exchange, you can opt for one of the two variants.(surely the budget plays also a role). It is ideal if the existing version is changed by a new LED version, since the ballasts, which are installed in the versions also use electricity (for old models up to 15 watts per ballast) are required only for neon tubes. An LED requires Noballast tube and can be connected directly to the 230 v 50 Hz.

Would you continue to use the existing version, you must first close look at the existing version or investigate.

Basically Two Types Of Versions
  1. SocketswithStarter+KVG (conventional ballast)
    2. Sockets without Starter, with a ballast (electronic ballast)

The image on the left shows a version with an ingetrierten magnetic ballast + Starter is attached at the side in this case. The Starter can be installed directly beneath the neon tube. You can find more detailed information about the different ballasts atWikipedia

If you have a version with starter and CCG, you can use all LED tubes that fit the length here and what an active page. Standard lengths of T8 LED tubes are 600 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm and 1500 mm. Before the LED tube but is used in the version must first be removed the main switch or the fuse and then the starter of the neon tubes are replaced by the LED Starter (called also LED Dummystarter). The LED Starter is not an active member. He produces only a power bridge or connection which would no longer exist without the starter.

In a version that has no starter, a ballast (electronic ballast) is installed in most cases. In this case, this should be checked by opening the version. There are special Ballast LED tubes that are suitable for operation with an electronic ballast.

No active components in the version therefore have special version only for LED tubes are suitable which is consumed by the text itself also no additional power. This is the most economical and umweltreundlichste method. Versions, specifically for LED tubes see also LEDLager under the heading: versions for LED tubes

LED Tube As A Substitute For Fluorescent Tubes – So The Conversion Succeeds

  1. Switch off the fuse or circuit breaker
  2. Check whether there is a version with magnetic ballast+starter or socket with electronic ballast
  3. If versions with magnetic ballast, replace the starter with LED Dummystarter
  4. LED insert tube and turn
  5. Fuse or circuit breaker switch-ready

Following the installation instructions of the company Philips® for Philips LED lamps/LED tubes