Release: SPFWTrans N42 | Coca-Cola Jeans

For its Fall-Winter 2017, Coca-Cola Jeans  brings in lots of history and inspirations after a trip to the East. To further brighten the catwalk, the brand brought  Sasha Meneghel, Di Ferreiro, Arthur Nory and Carol Oliveira.

The landscapes, places, elements, architecture and technology helped to build the essence of the parade, with a strong oriental influence: details of geometric cutouts, envelopes inspired by origami, finishes with internal buttoning and wide modeling in contemporary and contemporary language.

Jeans is the protagonist of this trip and comes in several versions: hard and rough, respecting the original essence in blue and black, as well as medium tones in a hybrid blend with lighter shades. There are also destroyed parts with wear and tear and with applications inspired by graphite.

Coming to the end of this experience, the iconic line brings all the flavor of Coca-Cola Jeans, with red and silver pieces, inspired by the end of the trip, with the Chinese New Year celebration.

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Taste the Feeling!


Style Director: Kelly Veloso
Stylist: Fábio Ishimoto
parade Direction: Pazetto
Beauty: Celso Kamura
Soundtrack: Di Ferrero+Dux and Carol Oliveira+Dux
Track Production: Gomus

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