Ray-Ban Has Customization Platform of Glasses Online

Exclusivity and customization are two words that every day gain more prominence, after all everyone wants to have something unique and whose design has been hand-picked. Maybe you still can’t have a shoe or a jacket with your signature, at least not for an affordable price, but believe me, it is possible to have sunglasses Ray-Ban with various features selected by you without even having to leave the House!

Ray-Ban You Remix

The traditional brand of optics has launched an online service of customized glasses called REMIX of YOU that allows you to add your personal tastes to models like the Aviator, the Clubmaster or Wayfarer, changing color of lenses or frame, recording phrases in rods, or even choosing the size of the piece. Talk like that seems a small thing, but when you make any changes according to your tastes, the result may be surprising, especially with the use of the prints that can be applied to the New Wayfarer model, leaving the sunglasses with a pop guy and cool according to CLOTHINGEXPRESS.ORG.

This is the above model I rode while testing the service. Is a New Wayfarer with blue frame mirror lens and prints in the stems, I added a leather case destroyed and all the combo came out on R$530,00.

In total there are 17 models that can generate 250,000 different combinations that can get in your home in just 10 days, coming directly from Italy, with 90% of the installation being done by hand by Remix. Even the case is chosen via internet and fitted for glasses created by you.
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Prices start from R$490,00, but can reach R$720,00, depending on the model chosen.
Try:our site
Note: also available for customizing models like the Clubround, Round metal, Caravan, Justin, Erika, Cockpit, Andy and two glasses, namely, children can also assemble your own sunglasses!