RACC Mobile Discount Your Rate Only a 14 Cents Per Minute with a Module of Savings

Mobile RACC, the MVNO of the Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia who was born with the idea of competing with traditional operators in services and not only rates, is now launching a new saving module that will lower your single rate of 18 to 14 cents per minute any time and destination.

The saving single module available for contract customers who have turned on the flat fee (not for rates escape and Club) and can be activated by a fee of 3 euros per month that it is amortised if you talk more than 75 minutes per month. In addition this monthly fee be calculated to cover the required minimum consumption of 10 euros/month.

Of course that is not a very striking reduction and more if we take into account that there are operators that offer similar rates from 6 cents/minute but as mobile RACC tries to highlight, many users seek a balanced operator that allows them to talk to a flat fee but They also value the service provided and that’s where this type of operators can gain ground.