Pull and Bear Vs Mango (Homini Emerito): Shirts for This Summer

We continue with comparisons, that even though they are almost always odious, it is the only way we have to choose wisely and value items that will make up our wardrobe for this summer. After the Poles that we compare from Zara and Emeritus Homini Let’s go for shirts. The shirts It is a garment that is the season of the year that is always have a place in our sets, especially in the most elegant or classic though, as we shall see, it is not always so.

The only notable difference found regarding a few seasons or other, they are the materials that are made, While in colder times, they tend to use cotton, corduroy or plush, in summer linen and acrylic materials are the main protagonists.

Why I have chosen two quite similar brands, its version to man-handle, Emeritus Homini and Pull and Bear but different turn in styles in shirts are concerned. And prices don’t worry, that outside the range of the 15-30 euros, There is no.

With Pull and Bear We have a very interesting hybrid: shirts with hoods, for the most rainy days or just as one motif more. The downside, which is 100% cotton making it tighten much heat, better to leave it in the closet.

Pictures they are still the undisputed Kings of the geometric patterns of the shirts. In Pull and Bear you will find colourful proposals & #8230;

…opposite proposals more discreet (or elegant, as you want to see it) of Mango Homini Emerito.

We can even bet by the smaller pictures in dark colors contrasting with white or celestial, ideal to combine with dark jeans or trousers in light colours (Beige, candy …) and footwear more clear (Converse in colours white or grey, for example) to get very alternative looks and indies.

Not only handle adds to this proposal. Pull and Bear He also wanted to include a couple of shirts of this style in his spring/summer 2010 catalog.

If you want to impress and, without ceasing to be informal, have a look somewhat more restrained and less cantosos, stripes they will support us in our attempt. That Yes, color off anything here that you notice that we are spring.

Shirts for all tastes (especially informal, then I don’t want complaints. Already we will do one more classic shirts and more sober and elegant looks) that combine perfectly with Chinese, trousers and jeans almost all colors (white, blue, red, black). Everything is put to innovate.

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