Preview: Watches and Amp

The Asian offshoot of the renowned SIHH in Geneva: The watches & wonders in Hong Kong.
No news is that the Asian luxury watch market occupies a special position for the brands and companies. And so must a trade fair in Asia, more precisely in Hong Kong, for High Clocks not missing. Last year the “watches & wonders” was held for the first time. With great success.Now, the second version of the watch fair stands behind the a – European – name.
Here the luxury cumulative: In the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where the Art Basel Hong Kong is held every year, watches lovers and collectors by the fine costs incurred by the Exhibitor through the be cast between September 29 and October 2 halls. Thirteen of the most important and finest European clock houses are here to present their innovations. The traditional brands all belong to the Richemont group – such as at the SIHH in Geneva -. This is hardly surprising, watches & wonders was the Asian version of the exhibition Committee of theSalon international de la High Clocks (SIHH) called for the first time last year in the life.

News and world premieres at the watches & wonders in Hong Kong

About 16,000 visitors came 2013 the first execution of the fine watches fair. This year expects an even bigger audience to collectors and buyers. While many watch brands of Richemont will present novelties and so far not presented models. We want to reveal too much – but lovers of the brand Vacheron Constantin can look forward to two novelties of a classic according to THEELITESWATCHES.COM. A ticking feature that impressed by their technical data comes from the home of Audemars Piguet . Generally the visitors at the watches & wonders may be 2014 spectacular timepiece by Richemont brands such as Piaget, A. Long & sons or Baume & Mercier are happy.

The Asian Market is Particularly Important for the Richemont Group

“Watches & wonders has become Clocks an important event for all lovers which High”, says Richard Lepeu, co-CEO of the Richemont group. And also the CEO of Audemars Piguet, François-Henry Bennahmias, is convinced that this event “has everything”: “An unparalleled selection of fine watchmaking specialists in a dynamic and spectacular scenery.”
For all the euphoria about the watches & wonders in Hong Kong, but above all a message becomes clear: the Richemont group turned towards Asia and strengthens the presence of the part of the Richemont Group brands in the Asian market with this offshoot of the SIHH. Because: It plays an important role. Already the first quarter numbers in 2014 of the luxury goods group Richemont at times of the year’s SIHH in Geneva showed that. The demand from Asian buyers for timepieces by Cartier, Baume & Mercier and co. is particularly high. And so you must be sure that the second execution of the watches & wonders in Hong Kong will have been the last.