Pregnant Women and Cats

A Disease That Can Affect The Baby And That Is Transmitted By Infected Cats, Is Toxoplasmosis. See The Care That The Pregnant Woman Must Have.

pregnant and gatosComo is a pregnant cat at home. You just have the most exciting news of your life: is pregnant. Ready. That’s enough to start making 1000 planes: with whom the baby will look like, how it will be when you grow up and how he and your beautiful Siamese kitten will understand. OPA! Siamese kitten and you pregnant? Very quiet at this time!!
Pregnant women and Cats

Did you know that the presence of cats in the same environment of pregnant women can lead to risks for the baby? This is due to the risk of exposure to toxoplasmosis, serious infection transmitted by a parasite that contaminate the soil through the feces of cats. That’s why most doctors recommend that pregnant women take certain precautions to avoid infection with the infection according to A2ZYELLOWPAGES.ORG.
It’s not just the cats host the Protozoan Toxoplasma. They can also be transmittedby birds, reptiles, amphibians and other mammals. The form of contagion is through ingestion of raw or undercooked meat your or by incorrect handling of the place where they made their physiological needs.
The other healthy kittens contact with the feces of other infected cats with toxoplasmosis can leave them ill, so be careful what your pet eats.
Toxoplasmosis is also transmitted by the wind through the oocysts of cat feces. So, can easily contaminate fruits, vegetables and vegetables. There, the importanceof keeping them always very well washed before your intake.
Toxoplasmosis and the fetus

When the woman has already been exposed to the disease for the first time, develops immunity against the parasite and hardly get sick again. If you are pregnant and you’ve had toxoplasmosis, don’t worry because it offers no risk to the baby. But if you never got sick, you can’t be too careful.
The disease affects the blood of the pregnant woman, being transmitted to the fetus. The results are astonishing: stillbirth, abortamentos, mental retardation, severeneurological disorders and serious Visual problems. If that happened to you or any friend or your known, promptly see a doctor. Will be prescribed antibiotics to tryto prevent damage to the baby.
What to do with the cat when pregnant
Should I get rid of my Kitty?
As I said earlier, you don’t need to get rid of your cat. Like domestic cats do not usually be fed raw meat and barely leave home, there’s no way to contact with the feces of other infected cats or eating animals that may be the problem.
As the pregnant woman can avoid contamination with toxoplasmosis
What the future mom must do?
Avoid doing yard work, since they enable contact with feces of infected cats. If nothow to avoid, always wear gloves and wash your hands immediately as soon as you’re done.
Cook the meat, fruits, vegetables and vegetables to be consumed. In addition to avoid infection with toxoplasma, is an act of hygiene very important.
Nothing to clean the little boxes where their kittens do your needs. They should Yes be sanitized daily, but by someone else.
As you saw, knowing to take the necessary steps, you can continue living with yourkitten that, in future, be a PAL to your baby.
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