Pregnancy Test: Because It’s Fun to Do

Pregnancy Test not seduced me. In pregnancy the Leo didn’t do: I haven’t seen reason to invest money and time into it. Already in the time of Manu could not resist! After all, pregnancy is a beautiful moment, sublime, full. And, of course, I realized that – as I didn’t hire a photographer on my first pregnancy-I don’t have nice pictures and quality with Leo in the belly! Regretted it!

All right, it’s women who don’t feel beautiful or barrigudas (as well as I the first time) prefer shoot from way ‘ amateur ‘. Each one has their preferences and will abide by them. But I want to make my conclusion about the experience of doing the test: DO. It’s worth it!
Going well beyond the “fashion” to photograph the belly, was searching for someone to do a job well natural. I have to be honest: I don’t like artificial photos, with tulle skirts, heavy makeup, and pouting. My thing. I wanted a true record of the belly and my family growing up – and some different ideas to give grace in the pictures! And that’s exactly what I got after accepting the invitation of a partner squirt, Michelle Aguirre, professional specializing in family photography!
So, I’ve listed the best in doing a pregnancy test according to myself …

  • It’s a fun! You, husband and kids (if you have) have fun during the photos! There’s always a wrong stance, shyness, a wink-and is this spontaneity that yields a good laugh!!!
  • No tires – if you do not leave the trial much towards the end of gestation. Made with 31 weeks and was very quiet. In this phase, the belly appears well, but is not so big to the point where you get tired. (The ideal is to make between the 32nd and 36th week).
  • Let us with self-esteem up! -What woman doesn’t like to appear beautiful in the pictures? Imagine pregnant! As much as you’re on clothing, basic scenarios and makeup of the test (like me), I’m sure a light makeup, the correct light and your joy will leave beautiful memories – for more natural they may be. Shooting is about to do you good, view photos then.
  • You’ll get quality shots, to keep forever (and quantity)- Since choosing a competent and experienced professional, you’ll love the result! Join Professional machine there environment and adequate light, for example. Whether in the Studio or in pictures, the photographer knows if the brightness is suitable or what are the best times to photograph. He also has creativity to suggest a “scene”, the patience to wait for the smile of a child, to deal with the family in an important moment. IE: you will get quality photos (which includes resolution) and no hunting a single beautiful photo in the middle of several taken in pregnancy.

I selected some pictures to inspire you! Embarrassed, I admit-because that is a looong time. … First I need to thank Michelle, which was super sensitive, respecting my wishes not to do anything forced and capturing feelings were dormant there. The pictures reproduce with total accuracy our Union, our love, and the way that we view this change as wonderful in our lives! That, frankly, was what else made me passionate about rehearsal! I hope you also fall in love – for my pictures and!!!

To close, some tips for the pictures stay the coolest possible! The own Michelle gave me before the test:

  • Because it is a personal essay, the ideal is to have their features and your family, which includes clothes and accessories.
  • Two changes of clothes are sufficient, but may have more. The recommended is a neutral color and be a more colorful.
  • It is important to separate baggy pants, top, leggings, robes, dresses, boleros … always in neutral colors.
  • For the companion and children it is important to always use a jeans and colors that match each other.
  • Try not to wear clothes that leave marks on the skin that can appear in the pictures.
  • Makeup should be light, in shades of Brown, Earth and nude. Stay stylish and goes with everything.
  • Separate some baby belongings such as shoes, socks, bib, stuffed animals, clothes, body, some room accessory or even the nursery.

And I, what do I recommend?
You do the way you dream, a place to find cool, with clothes and makeup that let you comfortable, beautiful and happy. Super important to listen to the Pro’s tip – not to use something that is well and not in picture, for example. So it all works out, it is crucial to find a photographer can trust, respecting your preferences and characteristics (as Michelle). I like the more natural and spontaneous pregnant test, but that doesn’t mean you should go that route. The more you and your family “, more beautiful the photos will be.