Pplware Hobby Win a Tomtom Runner

The good time is almost here and nothing better than having all the equipment ready for your favorite sport. Pplware and TomTom gave you the chance to win a fantastic TomTom Runner watch and today we will know who the winner was.

TomTom Runner & MultiSport

The new TomTom Runner & MultiSport GPS Sport Watches are simply fantastic for those who love running, cycling and swimming. They feature extra-long display, full-screen graphics training programs and are the first to include an intuitive single-button control, which facilitates access to the information needed during training, quickly and effectively.
With a scratch-resistant, scratch-resistant screen, they feature an ultra-thin design that fits comfortably to all wrists.Available in different colors and shapes of bracelets.
The TomTom Runner and the TomTom MultiSport have an integrated indoor sensor for speed and distance logs when running indoors and / or walkways. QuickGPSFix technology helps your watch find your location quickly, so you can start your workout faster.
The TomTom MultiSport also offers a bike stand for swimmers and cyclists, allowing a better visualization of all the data during the training and a movement sensor for swimming, which records information about laps, strokes, time And speed, then performing the SWOLF calculation to show the efficiency.
Cross-platform compatibility allows you to synchronize, analyze and share your results on a variety of racing websites, including TomTomMySports, MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, TrainingPeaks and MyFitnessPal.
Availability and Price
TomTom Start 20 Europe Lifetime Maps has the recommended price of € 139.95 and TomTom Start 25 Europe Lifetime Maps has the recommended retail price of € 159.95. Available in a 6-inch version, the Tomtom Start 60 Europe Lifetime Map has the recommended retail price of € 199.95.

On the other hand, sports watches with TomTom Runner eTomTom MultiSport GPS are available in the national market in the following versions and prices:

  • TomTom Runner GPS Clock – € 169.95
  • TomTom Runner GPS + MRC Clock (with Bluetooth® heart rate monitor) – € 219.95
  • TomTom MultiSport GPS Watch – 199,95 €
  • TomTom MultiSport GPS + MRC Clock (with heart rate monitor via Bluetooth®) – € 249.95
  • TomTom MultiSport GPS + MRC Clock + Cad / Vel + Altimeter Sensor (with Bluetooth® heart rate monitor, cadence / speed sensor and altimeter) – € 299.95
Correct Answers

In what colors is TomTom Runner available?
Gray and pink

What is the difference between TomTom Runner and TomTom Runner HRM?

The TomTom Runner HRM includes Heart Rate Monitor
What is the useful life of the TomTom Runner in GPS mode?
10 hours
What is the weight of TomTom Runner?
50 grams

Hobby winner

Reuben Viegas

Right now, our thanks to all the readers who participated and to Tom Tom for joining us in this competition and to offer this fantastic prize. To the winner, please send me an e-mail (ppinto at pplware.com), with name and address.