Polly School Backpack, Models, and Prices

The holiday period is unfortunately coming to an end and you have already bought the entire material list of your child? Do not forget to forget one of the most important items on this list that is the backpack. All girls love characters, and of course they want their idols stamped everywhere, so Polly’s backpacks are the favorites among them.

Buying everything you ask for in the list of school supplies is very important, because they are the basic items your daughter will use during the school year, and taking the child to choose these objects ends up giving an excitement to it. Usually children like the products with the illustration of their favorite characters as it is in case the girls give preference to the Polly doll. It’s okay that backpacks with characters are a bit more expensive, but girls deserve it.
And do not think it’s over here, so the following is at your disposal polly school backpack, models, prices. You will know where it is best to get yours and still save a good amount of money. What’s more, you can choose and receive your product in the comfort of your opting for the purchase in a virtual store.Well worth checking out!
American stores offer the Polly Rucksack. Exclusive backpack with special price, for only R $ 189.90 reais, and can be parceled up to 6x equal to R $ 31.65 without interest through the credit card. For more information access the official website of the store: out site.
Then you have another great option with the Polly Sestini Backpack, for only R $ 119.90 reais opting for cash payment. Check the payment conditions at the following link: out site.
Be sure to check out the Polly Pocket Backpack. Single opportunity, for only R $ 61.70 reais or divide this amount into up to 12x equals R $ 6.51 using your credit card. Check the availability of this product through the site: out site.
Lastly, the comprafacil virtual store offers the Backpack with Polly’s average stroller. Excellent product, for only $ 49.90 can be parceled on your credit card in up to 9x equals $ 9.99 without interest. You can find this product through the following electronic address:out site.