Polaroid Glasses Are the Choice of New Generation of Consumers

Although they may not be as embedded in today’s culture as other brands, Polaroid sunglasses are gaining ground in the preference of younger generations .To mark the 80th anniversary of the brand, Polaroid has focused on leveraging the brand as a lifestyle icon and is bringing in new fans every day.

For those who do not know, Polaroid was the first brand to produce polarized sunglasses.Founded in 1937 by Edwin Land, Polaroid was sold to StyleMark in 2007, being resurrected by stylist Safilo in 2011.

In addition, the company bet heavily on the digital channel. He ordered the help of the 250 most influential instagramers in the world to raise the name of the Polaroid glasses. The Polaroid eyewear campaign took place in 7 countries, including Brazil, USA, France and England.

80 years of Polaroid glasses

Celebrating 80 years as the leader in polarized lens technology, Polaroid sunglasses from http://www.indexdotcom.com/ allow for the unique combination of technical performance and design. All this at very competitive prices. One of the great tricks of the Polaroid glasses is the production of goggles with the highest possible UV protection and superior quality.

It all started badly!In the mid-1920s, Edwin Land was a young, talented high school student who dropped out of Harvard.But Land did not stand still and went in search of his dream.Like many others at that time, he left for New York City with no money but a mind bustling with ideas.

A history of patents and inventions

Land would eventually enter a Columbia University laboratory to test their equipment and validate their theories.This resulted in the invention of the first low cost polarized film.

The genius was to return to Harvard, and in 1929 he would eventually invent modern filters to polarize the light and patent his invention.Hence the mass production for use in sunglasses was a small step.The car lights and photography followed, which would become the company’s brand image.

As early as 1937, Land would found Polaroid Corporation and invent one of the greatest icons of the twentieth century: the instant camera.Land’s findings are still at the basis of the production of polarized lenses manufactured by Polaroid in 2017.