Plus Size Model Fashion

Santa Catarina is famous for the export of men and women who, in the fashion world, are transformed into gods and goddesses of beauty. And it is not today, see the beauty queens competitions. With just 20 years, Sri Tratsk could be a cliché. Like most models, never gave a lot of ball to the profession to see the face of a photographer. Three years ago, began a promising career in the universe plus size. Rapha has 1, 72 m and weighs 92kg, perfect measures for entering a market that grosses more than $4 billion a year, according to data from the Brazilian Association of 2013 clothing (Abravest).

Your “Finder” was the grandfather Carlão, who along with her mother Valeska are the biggest boosters. Flipping through a magazine with plus size models, the Patriarch viewed the granddaughter posing for campaigns and parading. To help, an aunt played the first photoshoot.

-When I went to the pictures, the photographer revealed that always wanted to photograph. I even denied that he wanted to be a model, but like the result, I enjoyed the work-comments.

It was the mother who annexed one of these photos on a Facebook page. From there, the first professional contact. Just hired by Flaminga, an online store that brings together various brands to the public to dress up the size 44. Without much notion of everything that surrounds the area, mother and daughter received advice from Sylvia Sendacz, one of the partners of multibrand, until he was hired by L ‘ Equip, agency in the capital of Santa Catarina. But marco was the victory in the contest most beautiful Chubby of Brazil, in 2013. Gained recognition and, from this moment, the works have not stopped arise. Was even among the finalists of the Miss Brazil Plus Size last year. And I’ve ended up on the stage of Worry, Regina case, and the More You, Ana Maria Braga. Recently, conquered space in the campaigns of giant Marisa.

That change came after a period of great discoveries. Like many teenagers, was doing the Exchange 16 years. But not embarked for the United States, Canada or England as is customary among the colleagues. Wanted a more intense, deeper experience. He spent a year in India, living all those news who is established in another country, the curiosities, the teachings.

– I would like to learn a lot more than a new language. The first month was hard, a weeping, I thought about what had taken me to so far, all so different. And, in addition to the culture, the food is very different, quite spicy. But when I got back, I brought a lot of pepper in my bag, I used – recalls, while ri counting other passages, the success that was doing in Indian and ballads of knowledge acquired at this time.

Maurice was born in Joaçaba and lived there until the age of 15 years. She currently lives with her mother in Florianópolis. A recurring issue in childhood of those who run away from the sayings aesthetic standards is bullying.

– Yes, I went through many situations. But always reacted in a way to funny. When they called me fat I replied: ‘ and you’re skinny ‘. And chase the boys-says, dropping a chuckle always hot, without any trace of bitterness. When asked about food, she ensures that loves a salad, but has a soft spot for pasta and sushi. The Indian passage also made liked the way they prepare the vegetables. In his teens, played handball and basketball. And while the pictures for this issue, shows bruises and bandages on his legs as a result of a fall during a circled by bike by Santa Catarina island.

Quietly, when requested, shooting campaigns of beachwear and lingerie.

While deepens in modeling career-is American fan Candice Huffine, plus size model that has made the cover of Vogue Italy and posed for the Pirelli Calendar, Mythic intended annually to register virtually naked sprites like Gisele Bundchen and Isabeli Fontana – Santa Catarina, studying at the first half. But it has other goals:

– I want to work hard still. And, of course, dream of a beautiful international career-ends, full of charisma.