Plus Size Fashion Lines

Dick in the business

These girls prove that one can make beyond the top model dream career as a model.

Is a Jolt through the fashion world: increasingly, women dress size 42 are booked up. It is not just exclusively plus size labels, which photograph thePlus-Size Models for their campaigns, or send via the catwalk. Also well-known brands, as Ralph Lauren or Levi like the curves found – and the related statement the potential of approved.

We say yes to our curves

One thing is clear: the most customers are just not size zero! Even large fashion houses, such as for example H & M (big is this Beautyful), know by now: the tendency to more kilos in the population is increasing. Logically, that fashion in larger sizes is always important – and is a real gap in the market.

Mango makes

Now the Spanish label mango has recognized the trend and sets from 2014 on a XXL line. Under the name “Violeta by Mango“, stylish items in fashionable-but adequate-weights in the sizes 40 to 52 are offered for spring/summer.

The face of the campaign-how should it be otherwise – is a famous plus-size model: Robyn Lawley. Dress size 42, she is far away from the looks of Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne…und that is a good thing!

Round, na and?

You and her colleagues represent a modern, healthy body understanding in which starvation and eternal calorie counting have no weight. Confident and beautiful they photographed by photographer and run on the red carpets of the world-and are refreshingly doing so successfully.

Nevertheless, the most Plus-Size Models are so far unknown. Stop it! We introduce ten great women, who beat real capital out of their corners.