Plus Size Cropped Tops

And this plus size cropped top with tie dye print, eh!? I can’t tell you how long I wasn’t wearing a tie dye, in the years 90 I had a wave a little hippie and I found the most clothes “stained”, but then everything seemed so cheesy and just gave up use to fall by the wayside. It turns out that there are a few seasons I see the tie dye brushing the looks of people and legal shows and, suddenly, I enjoy a tie dye – except now with a footprint more hippie chic, thanks!

The clothes today, in fact, proves that the simple can also be very fashion with overlays. Note that the top plus size cropped won another guy with the long vest over and there was just perfect accessories that look was really nice and cool! The long vest I flipped on my collection with Xica Vain, last year, but I truly believe that he will continue in the fall/winter, not to mention that it makes the face look more chic, more sophisticated.

Oh! A cool thing that cropped top plus size is that it is a little longer, that is, for those who don’t like/don’t want to/don’t have the guts (yet) to show their bellies, but want to get in on this fashion from, he’s great.

Plus Size Crop Tops

Well, baby, I really think that clothing is one way we can express our personality, the way we look at life and is also the first impression people have of us. So, the more positive and true for our relationship with our body and our closet, more positive and real will be the vision of others about us! And, today, I read a sentence in English that I found very interesting, in Portuguese is more or less: “what people think of you is their problem and not yours”. So I think that, like everything else in life, the good is to find the balance between what people want transparent and as we care about what you think of us. You can’t care much about what other people think of us, but we have to call at least a bit to live harmoniously in society. A complicated relationship, right? But we always have to think about who is more important in these two sides. For me, it’s always more important that I’m happy, so if this balance have to weigh somewhere, she weigh what I think and what I care.