Plays with Smartwatches Compatible with iPhone

A lot of technology to wear is waiting for us in the next few years, and one of the most rumored in the world of rumorology is a “smart watch” signed by Apple.
Curiously,Foxconn, in charge of making gadgets for the Californian company, is playing with prototypes that are compatible with the iPhone.

The Chinese company has shown a prototype that showsFacebook notifications or missed calls, while monitoring some of our vital signs and movements according to If some of these data are not good for the user, it would be responsible for notifying us.
It logically connects to the iPhone wirelessly, and although we can not find material on the network to know its appearance-apart from the image that introduces the news-we are sure that soon we will see something. The prototype has been shown at an investor meeting this Wednesday.
Updates on hardware will be coming to the prototype steadily, since Foxconn seems to be interested in trying things with him, rather than developing a final product.There is talk of a fingerprint reader that would block the use of the device or access to parts of it.
We have recently come across the third evolution of the smart watch from Sony Mobile, and some analysts point out that Apple is also in it. Given how advanced Google has the project of their glasses, we would not be surprised to know that it is also in the garlic.