Place in the Sun # 59: My Top 3 High-End Lipsticks

This round is supposed to go in the top 3 blog parade to high end lipsticks. I love lipsticks!With little effort, the entire appearance can be changed quickly and easily. Whether natural colors, to conjure up more freshness, or eye-catching colors as eye-catchers. For an eye make-up I need much more time, a lipstick I applied within a few seconds. Just as a fresh-baked mother, I often miss the time to make me extensively. Lipsticks do not always have to be expensive and my collection contains copies of all price classes. But this round is about your favorite high-end lipsticks.

High End Lipsticks: My Top 3

As I said in my makeup collection are many lipsticks, even from the HealthKnowing. I can find favorites in all price classes. Good quality in my opinion, even with cheap brands. The luxury lipsticks, on the other hand, are usually characterized by a more high-quality packaging. Before a purchase, I always think about exactly whether I really need the lipstick. Usually it is the color that makes me buy. Provided the wearing feeling is correct. After all, my collection is not exactly small. Usually, I leave them at the counter before applying and thus test the wearing feeling and the durability. And, of course, whether the color stands at all. Sometimes a tester is also a purchase. From Chanel I had now twice a small mini-lipstick, with which I am surprisingly long-term and who finally convinced me for a purchase.

Burberry Hydrating Lip Color No. 97 “Oxblood”

Burberry Kisses “Oxblood” appears very dark at first sight. On the lips, however, it is a dark, berry red. You can also see this on the Swatch photo below. I love the design of the lipstick!The sleeve made of high-quality metal appears initially reserved, but surprises with many loving details like the embossing of the typical Burberry check pattern on the lid. The cover closes magnetically. The lipstick itself also has a pretty check pattern. From the order I find the lipstick somewhat more difficult. The color must be applied several times for a covering, uniform result. An exact work is necessary because of the striking color and I usually use a lipliner. So do not use it because of fast times between door and door. The great color compensates however the somewhat more difficult order.

Shiseido Veiled Rouge PK 405 “Pomegranate”

While the Burberry lipstick requires an exact order, the Shiseido Veiled Rouge Lipstick PK 405 Pomegranate is a “always going” candidate! I love the lipsticks of the Shiseido Veiled Rouge series. There is a light, caring feel and great, bright colors! The durability is not so high, but I can overlook it. Finally, they can be trapped in a few seconds and wear very uniformly. The beautiful Pinkton of Pomegranate makes it one of my favorites in my high end lipstick collection.But he stands as a substitute for all the lipsticks from the Veiled Rouge series. At the moment, you can also win a copy of this lipstick in my Instagram competition for a 5-year blog birthday.Have a look!

Chanel Rouge Coco 05 “Mademoiselle”

If one thinks of high-end lipsticks, one is certainly one of the first brands Chanel. Chanel exudes this certain charm. A little bit of luxury, even if you would never, for example, make the Chanel handbag or a brand of the brand. Rouge Coco Mademoiselle is certainly a classic and very portable. A good durability in combination with a pleasant wearing comfort convince me here completely. Last year the Rouge Coco lipsticks were reformulated. You can find a report on this, for example, inside and outside .

Participation: My Top 3 High End Lipsticks

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