Photo Montages by Mobile

Making photo montages is a lot of fun and is getting easier. What is more interesting is that currently mobile phones have envelope processing to allow the mounts with the photos to be made on the device itself.

Photo Montages by Mobile

Imagine you are at a party or family gathering by taking multiple photos. Using the PhotoFunia program you can make photo montages in real time using the photos you just took. You can even take a picture and store it with the effect selected for the setting. PhotoFunia is free and available on the Android Market and AppStore. If you have a cell phone with Adroid or an iPod, iPhone or iPad, download and start having fun with the mounts !

There are so many effects that you get a little lost at first, but you can laugh a lot at the end result. PhotoFunia needs an internet connection to work, so it’s best if you have a Wi-Fi network wherever you are. Since photos are uploaded and downloaded with an applied effect, PhotoFunia must spend a good amount of its 3G traffic! Even so, it’s a very complete and free photo editing application !

Search for PhotoFunia in your mobile shop and download it! Then, send in the comments the links of the montages that you did! If you prefer, you can also visit the PhotoFunia website and make the montages through the computer.

With these options and tips you will certainly be able to do the assembly you have always sought. You should know that there are several types of programs that do this type of assemblies, if you have not liked this option we have left, just do a quick search on the options of photo editing programs and you will find a vast list.

So this is personal. We are closing our article here and hope you have enjoyed the tips we had. There is lots of information and tips on our site, do not fail to check.