Pepephone Launches Another New Mobile Internet Tariff

After improvements in rates of Pepephone data this summer, the OMV with coverage of Vodafone today announces a new rate that lies between the two options so far and which can be of the most economical on the market.

The new option of Pepephone includes 1GB of traffic for 17 euros monthly although it is only available in form of contract in contrast to Blau which offered in prepaid by 21.5 euros and Bankinter, which is available for 19 euros.

As in the rest of rates for Pepephone (300MB for 7 euros or 3GB for 25 euros) in any case speed is reduced when reaching the limit so it always you can navigate up to a maximum of 7.2Mbps paying a price for the excess of 3 cents/MB. On the other hand, Blau and Bankinter do not charge the excess but if you slow down to a ridiculous 32 Kbps.

To facilitate the connection, Pepephone offer optionally a USB modem which more data are not given but that is supposed to reach the 7.2Mbps as allows you to rate for a price of 69 euros (including VAT).