Pedaling towards Lo VÁSquez

Year after year the pilgrimage to the Vásquez is celebrated religious celebration that brings together thousands of people, inspired by religious faith or simply for the motivation to discover, attend this party.

However in parallel, for other thousands of people this is also a very special day because it is the only time in the year that closes one of the busiest roads in the country. Route 68, which connects Santiago with the region of Valparaiso.

This is why many cyclists find the perfect opportunity to tour this section pedaling. Traveling approximately 70 km from Santiago to Vásquez and 30 km from Vásquez to Valparaiso.

Most leave the night before to arrive the next morning to their destinations, be it Valparaíso, Viña del Mar or Vásquez. Route 68 is a route that is in good condition, has two tunnels on the way and very steep slopes.

We pedaled with thousands of cyclists, met many on the route, who with great effort and heart remained pedaled, enduring the cold and fatigue for 9 hours or more, enjoying that freedom that gives you the bike

This photographic work reflects the motivation and optimism of many cyclists who each year decide to embark on the route 68 to Vásquez.

Text and images by Cécile Taliercio and Rodrigo Raiman, mountaineers and travelers passionate about nature and outdoor life, have covered much of Chile and South America photographing.

Full Outdoor Message: Do not forget that for any type of activity, we must be aware of the care of the environment.


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