Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer

For a long time have the choice of lapel stood between the stud narrow and a bit more classic battle. Now more recently, however, begins the range be widened slightly. Although the 80 ‘s wing wide jacket lapels feels completely out of time, gets wider Blazer struck an increasingly common approach. A lapel is forgotten, however, is often away, sjalslaget.

The characteristics of the sjalslaget is to lapels and collar are sewn in one piece and, as the name suggests, falls around the jacket as a shawl. Many see safe horror picture with Hugh Hefner in his robe in front of him, but sjalslaget is both attractive and useful. For those who don’t like smokingkavajens often quite broad strokes is sjalslag. Simultaneously fit this type of punches/collar just as well to a thicker cardigan.

Now sjalslaget are also beginning to turn up to the usual jackets, often in single-breasted versions. It may not be something for affärskostymen, otherwise sjalslaget works just as well for a dressy dress with shirt for a more casual in t-shirt and jeans. As usual when it comes to clothes is the secret to succeeding in the fit. In the case of sjalslag, it is especially important to watch so that the jacket fit across the chest. The slightest hint that the jacket is too wide across the chest and risk looking like Hugh Hefner is imminent. Otherwise, sjalslaget is a great alternative to the classic battle.

Here at, when fashion houses showcased their spring collections for 2008in Paris and Milan sjalslagen was a common feature among the Collections. From left, seen here, Prada, Valentino and j. lindeberg. What do you think? Sjalslag, beautiful or ugly?